We offer customized yoga classes, mindfulness programs, business wellness retreats, and special event presentations. Our skilled and experienced staff can develop a private session for you and family, friends, a bridal party, or as a team-building program for a business or organization. We skillfully weave together modern practices with ancient wisdom in our keynote presentations and classes for conferences, retreats and gatherings.

We have a variety of programs and formats, adaptable to fit in business settings and conferences. Our process starts with a phone call to assess your needs, followed by an in-office meeting possibly with a short demonstration.  After that we’ll offer a proposal for a customized program that meets your requirements and budget.

The BodyMind Balancer:

We bring simple stretching, breathing and mindfulness techniques that can help everyone
Our easy yoga, breathing, and mind-clearing meditations help busy knowledge workers to be sharp and productive, all day long.

This is our signature program.  We have created an easy-to-learn course which will train participants in an effective daily home or work-break practice, that will refresh the body, bring focus to the mind, and build energy and teamwork.

In this course, we first meet with for three sessions times, generally Monday/Wednesday/Friday, for one hour, then the participants practice  twice on their own for about 15-25 minutes each time, then we meet again for questions and answers and to practice once more together.

This program can be run multiple times in a row, for different groups of people, or to add additional tools and reinforcement to the basic program.  After the program is complete, we continue to work with participants through a graduate-only area of our website and optional Skype video refreshers.

The Conference or Retreat Recharge:

We all know about those day-long or multi-day conferences!  Breakfast, sit and listen and talk all morning, lunch, more sitting all afternoon, dinner, networking etc.  The day is seemingly endless and it is hard to keep up our energy!  We’ll jump in with morning easy yoga, a half hour or so to get the body warmed up, then provide some fun movement and breathing and team exercises before lunch or mid-afternoon.    Our programs build energy, clarity and focus — just what your conference needs!

The Lunchtime Special:

This program is offered in your office or at your school at the start of lunch break or in the afternoon.  We’ll meet for 45 minutes or an hour each session, once, twice, or three times a week, and guide staff through easy exercises and a guided meditation or relaxation break.  Participants will emerge refreshed, centered, and ready for the rest of their day.  This session is offered as a 6-week series, preferably with the same participants, to allow maximum benefit.

Yoga For Schools:

Our yoga teachers have a background in education, and we are passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga into the school environment. We often teach classes right after school ends, for teachers, administrators and staff. We can also lead workshops and provide materials to assist teachers in bringing basic mindfulness practices into the classroom.

Corporate Retreats:

Our skilled facilitators will custom design a program for single-day or multi-day retreats.  These programs could include a morning session to get everyone moving and energized for the day, a mid-day refresher before lunch, and an end of day guided relaxation after the work is done.  Talk to us and we’ll find a way work within your requirements and schedule, and help you get the most out of your retreat.

After-work yoga:

Some companies offer a more traditional yoga class at the end of the workday.  This is often a one-hour class that builds strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. This class is offered as a series, one or two times per week, and employees are encouraged to register and attend each session of the six- or eight-week series.

Private and semi-private yoga and meditation:

Take private classes from us alone or with a friend or family member. Private sessions address the specific need of the individual.  You’ll work closely with one of our trained facilitators to develop a yoga and meditation practice to suit your body, experience, and spirit.  Our support and tailored trainings will help you keep your practice alive in between sessions.

Educational Presentations

We offer in-service talks and presentations on many different topics – managing stress, keys to sustained happiness, how to know when to take bold action, creating a life of fulfillment, and much more.




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