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soswlogosquareOur coursework is called ‘The Ways of the Sacred Warrior.’ We honor that you have your own ways and life story. After 50 years of combined practices in many different disciplines and traditions, we have created an educational curriculum which will guide you in the ways that suits you. We are here to help you discover your ways, your practices, and your observances that will become a seamless part of your daily life.

14139414_10154411440995782_81840184_oOn this page, you’ll find course descriptions, schedules, and links to register for our ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior’ courses, including

  1. Come Home to Your Body
  2. Sacred Warrior Meditation
  3. Sacred Warrior Immersion
  4. Yoga Teacher Training & Certification
  5. HeartPath Spiritual Coach Training & Certification
  6. HeartPath Spiritual Director Training & Certification

Before we are able to make a change in this world. We need to learn how to live in a joyful and vital body, with an alert and reflective mind, and a peaceful, compassionate heart.

Our courses show you how.

chakra1Come Home to Your Body: Ground 

(Ways: Gentle Yoga + Weekly Contemplations)

Our gentle yoga course is perfect for those new or returning to yoga, or who have yoga experience and know they appreciate classes designed to be accessible and healing. Come Home to Your Body integrates gentle yoga with intentions and contemplations. Transform your experience of your body while preparing yourself to live an intentional life – on the mat, in your work, and in all your relations.

comehometoyourbodyground‘Come Home to Your Body’ is four different 7-week courses, one of which runs each quarter of our school year. Each ‘Come Home to Your Body’ course teaches an accessible and effective yoga flow that you can learn to do on your own.

When: (Choose one section – each runs for 7 consecutive weeks. If miss a class you can make up that week’s lesson in a different section in the same week.)

  1. Sundays 11am-12:30pm (Starts January 22)
  2. Mondays 4:15-5:45pm (Starts January 23)

Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.
Tuition: Early bird $175, join with a friend $150 each (before Jan 15)

Read more and Register for Come Home to Your Body

chakra3Sacred Warrior Meditation Course

(Ways: Meditation + Blessings)

Meditation enables us to tap in to the  joy within and to live moment by moment with a calm and peaceful mind. In this course you will learn two Sacred Warrior meditations. This course is a month-long experience and experiment, where you will be invited to meditate every day for 28 days so you can see for yourself the difference a sustained meditation practice can make in your life.

discoveryourinnerstrengthcourseEach class will include gentle yoga to loosen the spine and hips, a breathing technique to calm the mind, and practices to carry the Sacred Warrior meditation throughout your daily life. This course is for you if you wish to learn a simple and do-able daily meditation practice and you know that learning this in a supported environment is what will truly serve You.

When: Sundays 11am (Starts January 22)
Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.
Tuition: Early bird $95 (before Jan 15)

Read more and Register for Sacred Warrior Meditation

chakra6Sacred Warrior Immersion

(Ways: Yoga + Meditation + Inquiry + Intention + Tracking)

A golden, clear mind is the intended result of our Sacred Warrior Immersion. We practice to fully realize and perceive the authentic Self in ourself, and in all others. If you are ready to turn around your seriousness and loneliness and rediscover lasting tranquility and freedom, this is for you.

SWKatieQuotePurpleWith the Light of Awareness, we become able to choose freely, and understand the choices we have made. This is the process of stepping out of the shadows and into awakening. Healing of ourselves, our families, and our society begins here. These are the ‘Ways of the Sacred Warrior’.

This course brings together the teachings and active support of all three founders of Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute for the very first time. The course includes:

  • Sacred Warrior Yoga with Christopher
  • HeartPath Tracking and Meditation with Ravindra
  • HeartPath Inquiry with Daniela


  • Starts Late January 2017

Where: Yoga Farm, Lansing, NY.

Tuition: TBD

Read more and Register for Sacred Warrior Immersion

mindfulwarriorttc2Mindful Warrior Yoga Teacher Training
– Our 200 hour Teacher Training is a new, contemporary training program, that embeds yoga teacher training into a broader context for life, health, and service.

Read more and start the application process for our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

chakra7HeartPath Institute Spiritual Director Training

As a HeartPath Spiritual Director, you will learn to skillfully guide others into the wisdom they already possess. You will help others gain clarity and learn to be the very best they can be.  We train people in an intensive course to become HeartPath Spiritual Directors.

13151956_539367376271909_3809768937108024288_nAs Spiritual Directors, we enter into a dialogue with a client with the intention of allowing them to reveal the story of their life, to discover their own inner wisdom, alive in that moment.

This certificate program is by application only.

Read more and begin the process

chakra7HeartPath Institute Spiritual Coach Training

Is it your dream to coach others to be the very best they can be? Our courses and certification process will prepare you to be the very best coach you can be – for you, and for others.

As a HeartPath Spiritual Coach, you will guide clients to their own inner Wisdom. The Wisdom within each of us always moves us toward balance, healing, peace, courage, and love.

HeartPath Spiritual Life Coach Training is a program focused on helping you learn the tools so that your clients realize and live their highest potential.

This certificate program is by application only.

Read more and begin the process

Our Living Curriculum will teach you how to cultivate a joyful and vital body, an alert and reflective mind, and a peaceful, compassionate heart. This grants you sustained Lightness of Being.

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