About Us: Our Teaching Approach

yogafarmlogo“The primary job of a yoga teacher is to mirror back the inner radiance and inherent goodness in each human being.” –Judith Lasater

Yoga Farm Mission: Our Center provides classes, retreats and opportunities for yoga, meditation and education for mindful living

yoga class gratitude retreat
Photo by Farr Carey

We offer all of our teachings from a deeply nurturing and warm place.

We gently guide students through ancient practices and modern teachings, so that they come home to their body, mind and heart. From this calm and centered place, wisdom and intuition arise spontaneously from the center of Being.

If you desire peace of mind and ease of body and joy of spirit, then now is a good time for us to work together.

Our yoga flows, meditations, and explanations are delivered with love and sweetness.  We meet students where they are and make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. If you wish to practice and are in need of financial assistance for classes, please contact us.

We offer weekly drop-in yoga classes with no long-term commitment.

We also offer certificate coursework called ‘The Ways of the Sacred Warrior’, in partnership with the HeartPath Institute.

These courses meets once per week, with homework, practice, self study, and small group work in between our weekly in person sessions. The courses build on each other, and as students satisfy pre-requisites, they become qualified for more advanced coursework.

A full year of our coursework is comprised of four quarters of study, each one lasting 2 months (September / October – November / December – February / March – April / May). Some of the courses are only one month in length.

We also offer private programs tailored to your specific goals.

Read our Yoga Teacher biographies for more details

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