Our studio is warm and welcoming to people of any amount of experience. We welcome beginners to yoga, those returning after some time away, and people aiming to deepen their yoga practice. We teach yoga for everyone!

In addition to drop-in yoga classes, our schedule includes  workshops and events, awesome yoga courses as part of our school’s ‘Sacred Warrior’ curriculum, private individual and group lessons scheduled at your convenience.

Come Home to Your Body

Yoga Farm’s foundational course; ‘Come Home to Your Body’, has new sections that begin four times a year. This core program is ideal for beginners to yoga of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes.  Our next course starts in March. 

When is this class: Not a drop-in class. Click this link for full details and upcoming section days/times.
Who this class is for: Class is perfect for people new or returning to yoga, who would like to learn yoga, meditation and mindfulness in a gentle way with a small group in a safe and caring environment.
What are the results: Improve your outlook in your life, develop strength, flexibility and balance. See how meditation, contemplation and gentle yoga can have a profound impact on your relationships, work, and daily state of mind.

Testimonial: Taking this course is the best! I experience so many things during a class such as mind and body relaxation, empowerment, education, community and love. Such a great space to be in with amazing people. — Kathleen M. 

Easy, Light and Fun Yoga with Christopher

Easy, Light and Fun Yoga is designed to create a safe and supportive environment to meet students of all body types and levels of ability right where they are.

Each class combines gentle yoga, beneficial breathing, easy stretching, and deep rest. We minimize transitions from standing to the floor and back up, and stay clear of poses and activities that could inflame injuries or trouble sore joints.

As we gradually quiet the mind and embrace the present moment, as it is, we find greater ease and joy in life. In today’s busy world, this isn’t very easy to do! The ancient practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness give us practical tools to bring the body and mind together, in the present.

When is this class: Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm, Wednesdays 4-5:15pm [reserve your next class now]
Who this class is for: Class is perfect for people new to yoga, older adults, people of all shapes and sizes, or anyone who seeks an easy to learn, playful, refreshing basic yoga class. Great if you think you ‘aren’t flexible enough for yoga’. The Tuesday class is a bit more active, with standing poses, cardio & core work to build strength and balance. The Wednesday class is slower, with more poses on the floor and a focus on gentle stretching and breathing to cultivate peace and calm.
What are the results: Our low-impact yoga improves health, circulation, flexibility, physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Testimonial: “I’ve been an “Easy, Light and Fun” attendee for many months. I always look forward to coming to class and enjoy the relaxed peaceful feeling I go home with. This class has done an amazing job loosening my stiff joints and aching back. Christopher is an amazing teacher and a gift to Lansing. If you haven’t been to the Yoga Farm yet, I recommend you check it out.” – C.N. Lansing, NY

Foundations of Yoga with Taryn (new class!)

In this class we practice mindful movement, that focuses on breathing, posture alignment, and healthy muscular engagement to protect and strengthen vulnerable bones and joints. We learn ways to safely stretch and open the body. We honor the cycles of life and the varying stages of ability that they bring, to build gentle, compassionate self-care.

When is this class: Fridays 8:30-9:30am  [reserve your next class now]
Who this class is for: Class is perfect for people new to yoga, people of all shapes and sizes, or anyone who seeks a careful introduction to the basics of Yoga.
What are the results: Connection with your body, calm mind, expanded lung capacity,  wider range of mobility, improved circulation, and tension reduction

 Radiant Vitality Yoga with Christopher

Our dynamic yoga class brings together vinyasa flow yoga, energizing breathing, and powerful kundalini meditations to generate and sustain energy, clarity and radiance. Imagine waking every day living with a steady flow of energy and a capable body.

This Yoga Farm class is a unique merger of flow (vinyasa) yoga as well as kundalini (breath work and meditations) which facilitates a physical change as well as an emotional and spiritual transformation. This work connects us with our own essence, while training our mind to focus and improving the resiliency of the nervous system.

When is this class: Wednesdays 5:45-7:15pm [reserve your next class now]
Who this class is for: This is a more challenging class. It is appropriate for students with some yoga experience and a body that moves well. This class includes inversions, arm balances, deep hip openers and backbends giving a power yoga experience.
What are the results: This class gives you an experience beyond the limits of time and space—an experience of the depth of your soul and true identity. You’ll notice increased flexibility, expanded lung capacity, a strong core, and stress alleviation.

Slow Flow with Emily, Taryn & Jeannie

Our slow flow classes begin by warming up and invigorating the body through a sequence of gentle active postures, soothing stretches, then move towards more passive postures and stretches that relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. 

Classes are different each week, and variations for many postures are given to tailor to each individual’s practice and needs.  Classes hold a focus on the breath and body awareness and offer attainable goals for students. 

When is this class:
Sunday 9-10am (Christopher) / Tuesday 10-11:15am (Jeannie) / Wednesday 9-10:15am (Emily) / Thursday 10-11:15am (Emily) / Friday 10-11:15am (Taryn)
(Sun-Thu are slower classes with simpler yoga-inspired movements that guide practitioners toward a stronger mind-body connection) [reserve your next class now]
(Friday 10am slow flow class is an intermediate classes that involve a sequence of breathing, sun salutations, a wide range of yoga poses, core-strengthening, inversions, and balancing postures)
Who this class is for: Do you want supple strength and composed calm? Do you find that some classes move too fast for you? Do you want to be able to feel what you’re doing? Would you like to have more understanding of proper technique so that you are safe and gain the greatest benefit from your yoga practice? Join the Slow Flow revolution!
What are the results: When we are able to move slowly on our mats, we are able to feel our bodies in every asana, to feel our breath in our bodies as we move, twist, lengthen and extend, creating more depth and space in our bodies, hearts and souls. Improve your range of motion, balance, strength and overall flexibility.

Testimonial: “I’ve found the studio at the Yoga Farm to be a warm and inviting space.  The instructors listen to the needs of the students, then craft a session with those needs in mind. As a beginner I’ve enjoyed the consistency with which the Yoga Farm has provided me with a peaceful and positive yoga experience.” – W.S., Ithaca, NY

“Thank you for over a year of weekly yoga classes.  I appreciate your lighthearted approach and your attention to each of us as individuals.  The poses and stretches are new for my husband and me, and fun. Class has been relaxing, restoring, rejuvenating, and can be physically demanding if we push.  I would recommend your instruction to anyone interested in yoga or anyone who has specific goals.” Maryanne B.

Yin Yoga with Christopher

So what exactly is Yin yoga? It is a more meditative approach with a physical focus much deeper than Yang like practices. Here the student is trying to access the deeper tissues such as the connective tissue and fascia and many of the postures focus on areas that encompass a joint (hips, sacrum, spine). As one ages flexibility in the joints decreases and Yin yoga is a wonderful way to maintain that flexibility.

This intimate practice of yoga requires students to be ready to be open to feelings, sensations, and emotions, more than in a fast paced yoga practice.

When is this class: Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm [reserve your next class now]
Who this class is for: Class is perfect for people new to yoga, older adults, people of all shapes and sizes, or anyone who seeks a slow, meditative, deeply relaxing and stretching practice.
What are the results: Deep rest, healing and hydration of the connective tissues, reduction in joint pain, increased flexibility, peace of mind

 You can jump right over to our online calendar and reservation system.

If our schedule doesn’t work for you or you’d prefer a custom session tailored for your needs, take a look at our private yoga therapy and meditation instruction sessions scheduled at your convenience, at Yoga Farm or your home / office.

Read more student testimonials


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