Here is a quick snapshot and videos of what is inside of our 7-week course called ‘Come Home to Your Body’.

Each class meets with the same group of people for the course, creating an environment of trust and community.

Each class is designed to present you a new lesson for being your best in life, related to a pose that will be taught that day. You will be invited to contemplate an aspect of your life and find events that link to your intention for yourself and the qualities experienced in your yoga practice.

You have the opportunity to transform your experience of your body while preparing yourself to be your very best self, on the mat and in all your relations.

Our courses immerse you in postures that anyone can do! Now is your time to learn how to improve your balance and flexibility, cultivate peace of mind, find an easy smile, experience freedom from pain & get better sleep!

Here are 2 videos from actual classes:


Standing Set:

This is a 90 second video from a recent presentation by course creators Daniela and Christopher at a business networking group. This is part of the ‘Sacred Warrior Salutation’, taught in ‘Come Home to Your Body: Ground’.

Why people join our Come Home To Your Body educational courses:

  • to establish new pain relief practices
  • to learn yoga and mindfulness
  • minimize sleeping challenges & insomnia 
  • improve balance and flexibility
  • to learn stress and anxiety relief methods
  • to establish healthy digestion
  • experience relief from an achy and stiff body
  • reduction of depression and unhappiness
  • reduce chronic back or neck pain
  • to interrupt the patterns of addictions

What the regular practice of yoga can deliver:

  • clarity in thinking
  • peace of mind
  • freedom from pain
  • increased physical fitness and strength
  • improved outlook for life
  • addictions, habits quit you
  • naturally energized
  • joy in the spirit

Experience has shown us that people making a commitment to 7 consecutive weekly classes gain benefits far beyond  intermittent drop-in yoga classes.

Our affordable course contains unique content, lessons and yoga sequences that build on each other week to week, so that at the end you will have learned a valuable practice that can support your health and well being for years to come.

Read more on the specific course coming up next:

  1. Come Home To Your Body  – There are four beginner courses, one meets each quarter of our school year