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Yoga Farm has experienced astonishing growth and effectiveness in the eight months since the opening of a wellness center, and is taking the next major step in 2016. Will you be part of it?

In Spring, 2015, the Yoga Farm Board of Directors listened to the call of Spirit, and approved the first, bold step towards creating a retreat center in Lansing, NY called ‘Yoga Farm’. An antique barn was remodeled into a modern wellness center and a series of educational classes and workshops launched to support the mission.

In the 8 months since the center opened, all of the educational offerings have grown from serving 30-40 people each week in June 2015 to over 150 people each week in March 2016. Yoga Farm has delivered an impressive 700+ classes, workshops and events since June, and currently maintains a sustainable schedule of about 20 classes of various kinds each and every week, delivered by about a dozen skilled teachers and presenters. 

To what can we attribute this astonishing growth? Yoga Farm is committed to creating classes, workshops and retreats for the full spectrum yoga student: from absolute beginners to advanced yogis, from teenagers to retirees, and people of all shapes and sizes.

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While Yoga Farm offers many yoga classes, the overall emphasis is on teaching skills, tools and healing techniques for body and mind so that students are able to bring their very best self home to their work, relationships, and service work. In this way, Yoga Farm is contributing every single day to improving the health and wellness of families and communities and workplaces in the region.

The programs delivered at Yoga Farm are simple, practical, yet profound. Yoga Farm is receiving incredible reviews and reports of life-changing results. Listen to this typical testimonial for Yoga Farm.

Taking this class is the best! I experience so many things during a class such as mind and body relaxation, empowerment, education, community and love. Such a great space to be in with amazing people.” — Kathleen M. 


In 2016 the management team is re-dedicating itself to the mission, and would love to invite you to be part of growing this Center .…

In January, we launched ‘Come Home to Your Body’ – the first full length educational course that includes gentle yoga, contemplations, meditations, and related practices for sustaining joy & vitality in life.

To date, over 100 people have enrolled in ‘Come Home to Your Body’ in our first semester, putting this facility at full capacity with a waiting list.

Yoga Farm truly is a community effort. Well over 100 people have donated time and money. We have created a Board of Directors and retained teaching staff to deliver quality educational offerings.

In addition, the space and peaceful farm environment has attracted the HeartPath Institute, which operates from Yoga Farm and offers courses that complement Yoga Farm offerings.


We see tremendous potential for growth and need to expand the facility to be able to fulfill the mission.

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The longer term business plan shows an anticipated path to a fully functional retreat center with a breadth of services including larger courses and retreats, private lessons, coaching, healing work and spiritual direction.

To meet this need, the Center will be adding:

  • A finished large upstairs space to the converted barn
  • A bathhouse with a meeting room and office
  • A bunkhouse for rustic accommodations
  • Cabins providing housing for retreats


In 2016, the Board has established a specific funding goal to meet the demand we are now facing.

Do you hear in your heart to be part of this transformational center?

Our first objective is to convert the upstairs of our existing center into a larger workshop and retreat space. That is what we are asking for your help with, today.

The second objective for 2016 is to establish a new water supply and septic system for a quality bathhouse, with men’s and women’s shower, bathrooms and sauna facilities, and a healing / meeting space and offices.

Meeting these 2 objectives this year will enable Yoga Farm to continue to meet the demand for educational, healing and retreat services.

Objective 1 Details:

Convert upstairs of our ‘Yoga Barn’ into a large event & workshop space.

Total cost estimate: $25,000

As part of the renovation of the downstairs last year, we built a staircase to the spacious second floor, brought up basic electricity and added a few windows for light. This year, Yoga Farm intends to finish the floor (1200 sq ft!), add basic weatherproofing and interior walls, more lights, and the required emergency exit door and staircase.

With your help, Yoga Farm will continue to expand the reach of its services