playshopIn this workshop we will merge the embodied joy, emotional intelligence, and silly connection created in laughter yoga with community-building, love, and transformation created in the Dances of Universal Peace. This workshop led by the laughter doctor Simeon Darwick together with amazing Dances of Universal Peace leader Azad for the very first time!

Join us for a profound unfolding of personal and communal body, mind, and spirit!

Simeon and Azad

What happens when we laugh? What Happens when we Dance?

—Joy even where there’s “Oy”
—Generocity of Spirit
—Vitality, Play, Creativity, Spontaneity
—Polishing the mirror of the heart
—Awakening in unity and community
—Cathartic laughter exercises and meditations
—Spring renewal of energy and deeply felt connection

Workshop Details: Fri May 20 7-10pm

Workshop Cost:
$25 Early Bird Advance for one person (Click to pay with credit card)
$20 Early Bird Advance each for two people registering together (Click to pay with credit card)
$35 At the door

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