Wall of Honor – Thank you!

thank you 5Yoga Farm would not exist without the help, teaching, volunteering, financial contribution, and skilled contracting of many hands. Please take in this wall of honor, and realize how amazing our community is. If I have inadvertently left out your name or the name of a friend you remember helping, kindly let me know so I can keep this list complete.  — Christopher

Thank you, boundless gratitude, blessings and love to each of you, over 125 strong:

Abby Hatfield
Abby Laden
Adam Phillips-Burdge
Agnes Sekowski
Al Budd
Alannah Kull
Allison Stout
Alyson Trombulak
Amish friends
Ananda Hines
Anna Hines
Anup Sharma
Bernadette Fiocca
Bert Bland
Brenda K. Pepe
Brett Hoyt
Catherine Moon
Cathy Norton
thank you 4Colin McNally
Damodar Das
Dana Caruth
Daniel Bull
Daniela Hess
David Makar
David Mumm
Deborah Eudene
Diane Fine
Dolly Perkins
Donna Wilson
Douglas B Shire
Elaine Knapp
Emily Healy
Erik Lehman
Eugene Belilovsky
Frost Travis
Gaelen Walsh
Gary Moore
Greg Kops
Heather Lin Buck
Hilary Kimball
Jared Dietz
Jason Vasallo
JD McCain
JD Starman
Jen Prikkelthank you 3
Jennifer Cunningham-Ryan
Jennifer Karius
Jessie Jean Vassallo
John and Silvia Vasallo
John D. Starman
Jonathan Meyerhoff
Jordan Amber
Julie Manners
Julie Palmer Carmalt
Jyoti Kessler
Karen Edelstein
Kelly L Morris
Kenneth Fleischer
Kenny Elko
Kerstin Eyrich
Khristine Bognot
Kim Grant
Lalania Carillo
Lana Stafford
Lee Goodale
Linda Bates
thank you 6Linda Stout
Linda VanAppledorn
Lori Beyea-Powers
Lori J Beyea Powers
Maggie Perkins
Maribeth Grant
Mary Reynolds
Matthew Rubinoff
Meenakshi Manivannan
Meenakshi Sundaram Manivannan
Melissa Vanderhoof
Meredith Mickelson
Michael Cooper
Michael Refici
Michelle Csonka
Mike Mahool
Miles J Mcgrath
Mikey Bergman
Missy Patience
Nancie DiSilverio
Neko Three-Sixty
Odin Adolphson
Olivia Josephine
Paul Myers
Peg Engasser
Pennee Barrisi
thank youPriscilla Walker
Quana Brock
Ravi Walsh
Rebecca Hawley
Robin Edwards
Roger K Smith
Ron and Jean Brockmann
Roof Painter
Ru Wan
Russ Grant
Ryan Curtis
Sacred Root
Sam Langer
Sharon Wiegers
Simeon Darwick
Sophie Sidhu
Stephen Bent
Steve Fennerthank you2
Steven Armour
Steven Jasper
Susanna Baird
Tal Cohen and Children
Tara Lambert
Terence Gooley
Thomas DeWald
Venkatachalam Hariharan
Vicki Bland
Yael Daphna Saar

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