Supporting our neighbors and friends with Yoga Therapy

Jeff_Brown-041-2In the few weeks since opening the Yoga Farm, I’ve had the honor to work with many people individually and in small groups with a customized yoga practice.  Many of the yoga classes at Yoga Farm are designed for people who are not-so-flexible, not-so-young, are recovering from injuries, managing chronic pain, or have replacement parts in their bodies.

With a broad schedule and small classes, we can focus on adjustments, modifications, and alignment for traditional yoga sequences, as well as customized therapy programs for specific challenges.  Students here have experienced sciatica, tennis elbow, tender wrists, sore backs, and other concerns.

It gives me great pleasure to see how 20+ years of study in various yoga disciplines and strong lineages have given me the insights and tools to support these individuals in an appropriate yoga and meditation practice.

Yoga For Every Body! is a common recurring theme in my mind and class planning.  Here is an article talking a bit about the broad world of yoga therapy:

So, please, if you think yoga isn’t for you because of how your body feels or injuries / limitations you experience, give the Yoga Farm a try.  We’d love to have a chance to work with you on a mind/body program that can support your wellness.