Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy provides the opportunity for one on one sessions that support your body and mind.

Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for people with health challenges. Yoga therapists prescribe specific postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs.

Our private yoga and meditation therapy allows us to work together in a very deep, real, way, in complete privacy and confidentiality.

We have several different levels of engagement that you can tap in to, each leading you deeper into the experience of your own joy, your own wellness, your own contentment.

What is Yoga Therapy good for?

yogatherapyOur yoga therapy adapts the practice of yoga to the specific needs of students with a specific or persistent health problem not usually addressed in a group class.

Private yoga therapy sessions are beneficial for the one suffering from stress, mental or emotional trauma, injury and disease. Below are some of the challenges that yoga therapy sessions can provide support for :

  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Learning yoga in a simple way
  • Reducing stress level and cultivating a greater ability to hand stressful situations
  • Assistance with a life change or new transition
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Limited flexibility
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Body image struggles
  • Ongoing health problems

Costs and Packages (at Yoga Farm, travel additional)

A 30 minute initial consultation: free

We will meet at Yoga Farm or on the phone, to get to know each other, discuss goals and experience and explore intentions and reasons for engaging private practice. cost: free (at Yoga Farm or phone/Skype)

A single private yoga therapy session: $90 for one session

The initial session is about 90 minutes long, follow-on sessions are about 75 minutes.  We start with an intake form and discussion, followed by appropriate yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices, and a wrap up talk at the end for questions and next steps.

Five private yoga therapy sessions: $375 (= $75 per session)

With five sessions planned together, we’ll be able to go deeply into specific yoga corrective yoga sequences tuned for your body and mind.  Each session is scheduled at your convenience, and will build on core fundamentals appropriate to your physical and emotional condition. Generally once every week is a good frequency to gain benefit. The five sessions need to be used within five months.

Please take a look at our new page of private yoga lessons for more information

Private Yoga Lessons with Christopher


For me, Christopher, consistent practice of yoga has offered a sense of freedom, peace, strength and clarity that I couldn’t even imagine in previously.  I have personally experienced pain, injury, persistent bodily stiffness and disease, and a wild, chaotic mind. I have been led through to my own transformation with the help of many patient teachers and guides over the last few years.

I am passionate about translating yoga into a useful form so anyone who applies themselves will be able to transform pain into relief, ease in their body, and peace in their mind. I love giving private yoga lessons to people who are new to yoga, so they can learn a practice at their own pace that suits them perfectly. I am patient and kind and teach in a simple, accessible, understandable way. Read more about Christopher on our bio page.

Private Yoga Therapy with Neko


I practice & teach yoga to find balance inside of myself and with all beings.  It is my medicine.  My antidote to my over-thinking mind, my emotional ripples in the pond, and my anxious, tired, or stressed out body.  It is more than just a physical practice. It connects my mind to my body to my Spirit.  And to the Divine.  It has deeply enriched my life and I have no doubt in my heart that this is an offering that I am here to pay forward to any and all who seek peace.

In my private sessions, I work from a background that merges my thoroughly researched understanding of pain and dis-ease in the body, with my innate intuitive healing abilities. I have worked as an herbalist and energy healer for over 10 years and specialize in working with women that are suffering from pain or dis-ease related to emotional, mental, physical and/or hormonal changes.  Read more about Neko on our bio page.



“I chose to do private sessions with Christopher to improve a thyroid condition using yoga.  Christopher is an excellent listener to both the words you say and your body, plus he researches thoroughly and is a gentle instructor.  After just one session, I had profound shifts in my energy levels and my brain fog lifted.  At the end of the second session when he asked me how I felt, I felt awake and alive.  It’s obvious to me that my body responds to yoga the way Christopher teaches it, and the improvements continue to grow and build between sessions.  The change holds.” – Janice D. Ithaca, NY

“I began weekly sessions with Christopher two months ago, as a supplement to my usual training routine. With his expert guidance I have already noticed increased flexibility especially the in the back and hips, which has had a positive impact on my golf game and my overall feeling of wellness. His new facility is lovely, spacious and well-equipped”. — George A. Hay, Cornell Law School

“I did a private 3 lesson series because I wanted special sessions customized just for me.  Chris did a great job of understanding what worked for me and what didn’t, and was patient with explanations.  At the end of my sessions I had learned real tools that I could use in my personal practice that I could have never put together in a group class.” – J.V. Ithaca, NY

“Christopher, you are a distinctly gifted teacher, able to identify sequences ideal for the individual as well as a group. I recall with fondness your assistance with my arm… in that session you were comfortable and able to hold the space for my discomfort, physically and emotionally with tremendous Grace. You were able to let me be with my tears, with no need to run for Kleenex and the belief of, “oh here, tissues, let’s clean up that mess!” You just let me be where I was, silently, so I could move deeper into it, through it. ”  – D.H., Ithaca NY

“Christopher specially tailored our meditation and mindfulness session according to goals that my husband and I had set but had not moved towards. We wanted to get back into consistent meditation, and Christopher suggested a 28 day meditation challenge. That worked! We are more than half way through the challenge now, and we can see the improvement in our ability to sit together and clear our minds…and cuddle with gratitude.”– A.F., Ithaca NY

Supporting our neighbors and friends with Yoga Therapy

Jeff_Brown-041-2In the few weeks since opening the Yoga Farm, I’ve had the honor to work with many people individually and in small groups with a customized yoga practice.  Many of the yoga classes at Yoga Farm are designed for people who are not-so-flexible, not-so-young, are recovering from injuries, managing chronic pain, or have replacement parts in their bodies.

With a broad schedule and small classes, we can focus on adjustments, modifications, and alignment for traditional yoga sequences, as well as customized therapy programs for specific challenges.  Students here have experienced sciatica, tennis elbow, tender wrists, sore backs, and other concerns.

It gives me great pleasure to see how 20+ years of study in various yoga disciplines and strong lineages have given me the insights and tools to support these individuals in an appropriate yoga and meditation practice.

Yoga For Every Body! is a common recurring theme in my mind and class planning.  Here is an article talking a bit about the broad world of yoga therapy:

So, please, if you think yoga isn’t for you because of how your body feels or injuries / limitations you experience, give the Yoga Farm a try.  We’d love to have a chance to work with you on a mind/body program that can support your wellness.