Our Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction services are provided by Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute staff certified by HeartPath Institute.

Spiritual Direction provides you with tools and guidance to access to your inner Self along with a map through the maze of your inner spiritual journey.  HeartPath Spiritual Directors are your guides to bridge the shores of your inner and outer worlds.

Spiritual Life Coaching is a guided process focused on helping someone realize and live their highest potential. It is predicated on the belief that each individual has a unique purpose and living that purpose brings the greatest joy to our life and the world. Our approach to Spiritual Life Coaching assumes that every person already possesses the answers and resources to find the gifts in all experiences they encounter, to live in balance, and to manifest their dream life.

At Yoga Farm in our coaching programs, we teach our students to learn to listen to their own inner wisdom, by asking insightful questions about students’ life and experiences. We use the tools of meditation (silent observation of thoughts and feelings), inquiry (asking questions of oneself, and listening for the answers from within), and reiki (universal healing energy, delivered with very light touch).

We do not offer therapy, counseling, medical advice, recommendations or opinions for any decisions in students life.

cdr-thelessonisalwayslove-marchOur coaching and spiritual direction programs are led in various configurations by Christopher Grant, Daniela Hess and Ravindra Walsh.

Our coaching is also embedded in our 12-week personal transformational programs, which include private yoga as well as life coaching.

To get started with a free initial consultation, call Yoga Farm at 607.280.2010 or email info@yogafarm.us

If we had not worked together I think I would have been content with leaving a painful past buried deep inside. I would continue to struggle with guilt about my negative judgements of others and myself and I would have remained separate from aspects of my soul that you led me to retrieve. I would not have been able to perceive a path to: ” A New Chance To Live My Life.” — Heidi Lee

“Ravi, I enjoyed our sessions and work together; the world is a different place to behold thanks to your guidance. I have a new way of connecting with my partner and my perspective on my children is far deeper. I see that there is a profound perfection to the way things are. I also have learned through my self-investigation that even though I am not in pain it doesn’t mean I have to stop growing. I can seek to grow further beyond what I thought was possible and that the guidance I need may be waiting for me to ask. Thanks for being part of my journey.” — Miles McGrath

“I’ve been meaning to write you for the longest time and when your name popped up today, I knew it was the time. I think we last saw each other, perhaps 5 years? I will tell you that I am more than fine and I must contribute a huge amount of my “fineness” to what I learned while counseling with you and doing Byron Katie’s work. My purpose today is to extend a huge THANK YOU for the lessons learned from you involving opening myself to the infinite layers of reality and acceptance.” — Marian B

Thank you Ravi for your commitment to me and to your work. I appreciate that you opened up your house to me and other clients. You always created a safe and sacred space for me to relax in. Upon entering the room each week I sensed peace and a calming presence. Thank you also for allowing me to record our sessions. It was immensely helpful to be able to review things afterwards and take notes. The recordings were essential to my growth. I’m looking forward to seeing how I do on my own for a while before we get back together to do some more work. I’m so glad we were able to work together. I’m still a student in so many ways but I feel I have many tools now to help me on my path to mastery. — Adam Phillips-Burdge, Music Teacher

Ravi helped me understand the calling that was laid on my heart early in life. I discovered, with his help, that I had been running from fulfilling my purpose because of an unrealistic fear of failure.
I am moving ahead with my purpose without fear and never turning back! I am living a joyful life in every moment and every circumstance. I tried doing this for years but always struggled. Since working with Ravi, I’ve learned what’s out of my hands, what’s true, and how to let go of all the rest.
Thank you for teaching me how to be the real me, Ravi! — Jen Lindblad

“Daniela is one of the most powerful people I have ever met. Her ability to hold people in love creates a healing experience in her presence that allows couples and individuals to find their way to what matters most, Love.” ~Dr. Marne O’Shae

 “I owe Daniela endless gratitude; her coaching lies at the core of why I am at peace with myself and living a happy, fulfilled life. She provided insight and guidance during a treacherous time in my life, not only bringing me out of a troubling situation, but grounding me as a person and profoundly changing how I live and view the world. Years later, the insight from Daniela’s coaching has stuck with me and almost single-handedly helped me through major life challenges. The things I have learned from Daniela affect my life every day and as a result, my life is much more purposeful, joyful, successful and aligned than it ever was before. I don’t say this about many people or things, but Daniela’s guidance changed my life.” ~Katarina

 “There’s nothing like falling apart on Valentine’s Day…and there’s nothing better than an extraordinarily compassionate session with you, Daniela, to turn it all around. Thank you for seeing me, for hearing so well, for reflecting back my truth and my illusions. You’re a gem…we’re so lucky to have your intuitive and razor sharp vision.” ~Sareanda

 “I would also recommend Daniela Hess. Her presence in my life has taught me so much about Joyfully and Fiercefully moving through that which arises. She uses her extraordinary capacity of Listening, Inquiry and Stillness to guide people right into their Heart. She is a one-of-a-kind, special, love-filled being. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly!”  ~ Abby Laden