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HeartPath Reiki Healing

reikihandsReiki is a healing technique used to channel energy to the client through touch and or hands above the body. It is a way to remove energy blockages, increase energy, and activate the natural healing processes of the client. Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to bring the client back into balance! 

HeartPath Reiki intensifies or raises the energy in the Reiki Practitioner. Coupled with the client’s Heart Centered power of intention, this stimulates openings in the level of awareness in both persons thus creating potential of accelerated healing, heightened awareness of one’s divinity and dramatic changes in one’s entire life experience.

Our resident HeartPath Reiki practitioner is Neko, she writes:

“In my private sessions, I work from a background that merges my thoroughly researched understanding of pain and dis-ease in the body, with my innate intuitive healing abilities. I have worked as an herbalist and energy healer for over 10 years and specialize in working with women that are suffering from pain or dis-ease related to emotional, mental, physical and/or hormonal changes.”


Single Reiki Session:
75 minute Reiki Session: $90

3 Sessions:
Three 75 minute Reiki sessions for $225! wow!

Get started: email today, or call / text Neko directly at: (585) 478-4673