‘Radiance Course Yoga; 🔥 Light My Fire 🔥’

(Class meets in special workshops and as part of the Radiance Course)

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✨✨RadianceCourse Yoga is: 
‘Radiant Yoga for All Abilities’, based on the science of kundalini yoga. ✨✨

Intentionally designed active movements and controlled breath work that:

  • prepares your body mind system to experience the quieted mind and expanded awareness
  • affords you the tangible experience of healthy power
  • grants you access to strength beyond what you thought you were capable of
  • builds your self-confidence
  • gives you a grounding daily routine that brings inner balance and stability
  • prepares you mentally and physically for the day ahead of you
  • connects you to your sacred inner world, deeper understanding & renewed compassion of the outer world
  • quickly refreshes your personal enthusiasm for life

🙋🏻Additionally, for women, this yoga offers

  • balance to your endocrine system and hormonal changes
  • stabilizes mood fluctuations
  • increase and stimulates your digestive health
  • increases overall energy

RadianceCoursesThis Class is guided by Christopher & Daniela, as a Key component of the Radiance Course at YogaFarm.

This series of Yoga is potent in the stabilizing of the mind, bringing joyful vitality to the body, and luminosity to the soul.

It is geared for individuals who seek to learn a practice they can join weekly to practice with a group, as well as at home on their own.

The Radiance Course Yoga is a series that both Christopher & Daniela practice daily, and are ecstatic to deliver to You!

How much does this yoga workshop cost?
All of our Radiance System components go by a ‘Pay what is honest for you’ approach. See more details here…

✨’Surrender to your Radiance…your Integrity…your Beautiful Human Grace. ✨
-yogi bhajan