Yoga Farm is an educational center in a beautiful natural setting.  We offer a variety of yoga-inspired programs to serve you – here or at your: business, home, wedding, festival or other event location.

All of our programs are designed to support our mission of guiding people in their journey to peace of mind, ease in body, and joy in Spirit.

sweetsilencePersonal Transformation Program
Our 12-week personal transformation program presents you the possibility of sustained transformation. We will design a custom program including yoga, meditation, inquiry, self-study and daily practices that will meet your needs and give you the skills and support so you can connect to your power, passion and purpose.


joymememanPrivate Yoga 1-on-1 Instruction
Not ready for a group class?  Prefer privacy or a session customized to fit you just right? Our private yoga sessions provide a one-on-one class at your home, office, or at Yoga Farm.


Private Meditation Course
mediation handsHave you heard of the benefits of meditation but aren’t sure where to start? Are you ready for a practice that you can do in the comfort of your own home, each day, to reduce anxiety, stress?

Our private meditation course will meet you right where you are, and is designed to help you establish a daily meditation practice, bringing the benefits of meditation into your relationships, work, and all areas of life.


For more information about any of our yoga offerings, please email us or call Christopher at 607.280.2010.  All of our programs offer discounts for Yoga Farm members.