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NEW! Annual membership – unlimited classes for all of 2018 for $1/day!

Yoga Farm Membership includes

  • Unlimited yoga classes!
  • Included consultation over a cup of tea with Yoga Farm Director Christopher and/or Daniela to learn more about you and guide you to the right classes and wellness offerings (please request)
  • Complementary guest passes for your friends
  • 20% off yoga supplies, special events and workshops
  • 20% off private yoga sessions and yoga courses
  • Access to hiking trails, gorges, pavilion, fire circle, and pond for quiet recreation, reading or picnicking 7 days a week, 7am – 7pm (please call / text ahead 607.280.2010)
  • Access to the yoga studio for self-practice or meditation when it is not in use (please call / text ahead 607.280.2010)

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Some say that yoga is the perfect exercise, a cross-training for life. It’s fun, relaxing, and beneficial all at the same time. And if you’re serious about yoga and wellness, then support Yoga Farm with a monthly membership. Yoga Farm offers “unlimited” yoga class memberships, which means that you can come and practice yoga as much as you like, all month long.

So why exactly should you pick up one of our unlimited membership passes? Here’s a look at six reasons:

  • It’s a community: Practicing yoga at Yoga Farm is much more of an experience than just practicing it on your own or coordinating sessions with one or two of your other yoga friends. Yoga Farm is a safe haven for the everyone because its members are people just like you, going through life’s ups and downs, together. This gives the studio much more of a community feel.  With an unlimited pass, you can make new friends because you’ll be permitted to attend any session you want.
  • More tight knit than a gym: Why should you pay a few dollars more for an unlimited yoga membership at a studio as opposed to a gym? Studios, for one, are more of a tight knit community than the crowded gym. Gym classes get crowded and people that go to gyms typically have more interests than just practicing yoga. At a yoga studio, you get professional yoga instruction from professional instructors. This instruction is catered to a variety of performance levels, not just the generic classes like you’ll typically find at the gym. Paying a few more dollars is worth it.
  • Liberating: Practicing at Yoga Farm is a perfect little getaway. You could do it at home, but there’s your family and other priorities that you have to coordinate around. Going to a studio is liberating – it’s that escape that you need to really get into the zone and make sure you’re getting the most out of the practices.
  • Quality: Instructors at Yoga Farm have more control over the amount of people in a particular class as opposed to the gym where everyone and anyone who wants to join is typically permitted. This allows for a more intimate yoga setting and more teacher and student instruction, compared to a gym. Our smaller classes will help your technique improve and you can reap more of the benefits from practicing yoga.
  • The experience: It’s said that yoga is a whole body experience. Yoga Farm is a holistic Yoga Center, and our sessions bring benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. Gym-based classes tend to have more of a hectic pace. With an unlimited package, you can drop into yoga classes to receive this experience whenever you choose.

So to conclude with a final benefit, why should you buy an unlimited yoga studio membership? It’s worth it, especially if you’re active in your yoga practice and would like to come a few times a week. By purchasing an unlimited package and using it, you’ll actually be getting more yoga at a cheaper rate than it would cost if you were just paying by the session. Every class you attend each week makes each class cost less, a great incentive to get you out to class regularly.

You will also be supporting the mission of this farm, and helping us to bring our vision to life.

Sign up for your monthly membership today, or call / text 607.280.2010