Connect with your Self, make Friends and have Fun!

Upcoming offerings include:

  • Sun Sept 24, 9-11:15am: Sacred Sunday Community
  • Sat Oct 7, 9:30-11: Radiance Yoga
  • Sat Oct 7, 3-5pm: Radiance Workshop, ‘Your Personal Key for a Radiant Life’


Sacred Sundays Community – ‘Radiance is an Inside Job’
Every Sunday Morning 9am-11:15am

sacredsundaynewtimeFree. All are Welcome.
Discover YourSelf & Awaken Your Kindest Humanity

Pray. Move. Sit. Connect.

  • 9-10: Gentle Yoga for All
  • 10-10:45: Prayers of Reconciliation and Forgiveness
  • 10:45-11:15: Meditation as Love, Peace, & Light

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Radiance Yoga with Christopher & Daniela
Saturday: 10/7 and 10/14 from 9:30-11am

radianceyogaThis class is guided by Christopher & Daniela, as an introduction to the system of Yoga that is integral to Radiance Course, workshops and retreats.

This series of Yoga is potent in the stabilizing of the mind, bringing joyful vitality to the body, and luminosity to the soul.

It is geared for active individuals who seek to learn a practice they can join weekly to practice with a group, as well as at home on their own.

The Radiance Yoga is a series that both Christopher & Daniela practice daily, and are ecstatic to deliver to You!

How much does this workshop cost?
All of our Radiance System components go by a ‘Pay what is honest for you’ approach.  See more details here…

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Radiance Workshop: ‘Your Personal Key for a Radiant Life’
Saturday October 7th, 3-5pm

RadianceWorkshopIn this 2 hour Workshop with Christopher & Daniela, RadianceCourse Educators and Directors of Yoga Farm, you will have access to the Wisdom within yourself, that is always available to Guide you into harmony, balance, and connection in your life.,

You will Open yourself to this ‘Voice of the Friend’ as Rumi described It, experience how Wisdom is faster than thought, and that You are able to truly See through anything that might appear as a barrier in your life.

You will leave this workshop with a clear ‘Key of Action’ that when utilized, it will cultivate balance, harmony and connection in your life.

Saturday workshops with Christopher & Daniela are popular Yoga Farm events. You are sure to laugh out loud (almost promised!) See YourSelf in your life from a fresh and new perspective, meet and connect with other kind, new friends, and feeling lighter of heart and spirit.

How much does this workshop cost?
All of our Radiance System components go by a ‘Pay what is honest for you’ approach.

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