Connect with your Self, make Friends and have Fun!

Upcoming offerings include:

  • Sat April 29, 10:30-noon: Kundalini Yoga for a Radiant Body & Smile
  • Sat April 29, 3-5pm: Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop
  • Sun April 30, 8-10:45am: Sacred Sunday Community
  • Sun April 30, 1-3pm: Laughter Yoga

Kundalini Yoga for a Radiant Body & Smile with Christopher
Saturday April 29 10:30-noon

kundaliniwchristopherKundalini Yoga is a dynamic blend of physical postures, breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, mantra and relaxation, the combination of which activates the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.

This class will give you an experience beyond the limits of time and space—an experience of the depth of your soul and true identity. This direct experience of your higher Self builds a platform of strength, radiance, and security on which to build your life. (see a sample of a recent class here at Yoga Farm)

You can come to one class for $18, or our three class pass is $45. Any Yoga Farm class card is valid [reserve one or more classes now]

‘Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop; ‘Access Radiance & Peace Within’
Saturday April 29th, 3-5pm

Inner Peace is available For You.

meditationandmindfulnessworkshopIn serving hundreds of students in the last 2 years at Yoga Farm, we have found two practical tools that hold great potency to swiftly guide you to an inner place of peace, stability, and calm.

We will teach you a beautiful silent meditation practice and a mindfulness tool that you can utilize anytime, anywhere.

Workshop tuition: Advance purchase: $25 advance, $20 each if you join with a friend, Day of: $35 (if space available). You can also use 2 ‘classes’ on your yoga class card. Pre-registration is highly recommended to ensure your space.

Click to make your reservation online, or call/text 607-280-2010 or pay with paypal here

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Sacred Sundays Community – ‘Radiant, Luminous You’
Every Sunday Morning 8am-10:45am

Free. All are Welcome.
Discover YourSelf & Awaken Your Kindest Humanity

Pray. Move. Sit. Connect.

  • 8am-9: Prayers of Reconciliation, Forgiveness & Healing
  • 9-10: Gentle Yoga for All
  • 10-10:45: Meditation as Love, Peace, & Light

Read full details and see slide show
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Laughter Springs: Dive into play, joy, and possibility
Sunday April 30, 1-3pm

laughterandraspberriescoupleWhat are you waiting for?  Joy is in the wow! This workshop presents a powerful way to live now and be expressed fully.

What are the benefits of laughter yoga?  You’ll find greater joy,  vitality, connection, presence, inspiration, and peace in self and community.

Who is it for?  This playshop is for you if you would like to experience joy, laughter, open heartedness, and connection in community. Ready to feel more lighthearted, naturally? This one is for you!

What will happen in the workshop?  We will laugh bountifully and experience the embodiment of spring through many laughter techniques including asanas, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation. This is adult playtime – and children are welcome too!

What is laughter yoga?  It was started in India in 1995 by a family physician named Madan Kataria.  It has since then created over 7000 laughter clubs in over 70 countries world wide.  It’s based on the science of beneficial effects of laughter. It’s been said ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Come experience this for yourself!

Donation-based workshop: Suggested donation $10-$20 – no one turned away!

Yoga teacher training open enrollment at Yoga Farm
Monday, May 8th, 5 – 6:30pm

Yoga Farm’s summer teacher training program runs from July 5 – August 10, and meets Sundays-Thursdays.

Yoga Farm has created a practical, accessible Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion. If you have felt the touch of yoga and are ready to dive deeply into the practices, then learn how to give back, the Mindful Warrior Yoga Teacher Training Program may be a match for you.

Summer ’17 and Winter ’17-’18 dates announced and applications now available. Each program is available in a shorter immersion and longer teacher training format.

Yoga is much more than stretching – this program will assist students to live yoga into all aspects of life. We will cultivate the ability to be centered and calm in daily activities – when eating, watching a movie, whether life is steady and ease-full or turbulent and stressed. This is a practical immersion into True Yoga.

Attend our open enrollment or call 607-280-2010 for more information.

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Essential Oils 101: ‘Don’t Leave Home Without It!’ with Sara Shapiro
Saturday May 20, from 3-5 pm

saradoterraYoga Farm is honored to host Sara Shapiro, as she is a highly respected and gifted local Essential Oil practitioner and consultant. She works with a wide range of people, including wellness and medical professionals who have experienced the value of Essential Oils to support the body’s own healing capabilities. They are easeful to use to support daily health, immune support, moods, sleep, aches & pains, emotional health, and many other common issues and ailments.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of the effectiveness and practicality of using Essential Oils in your daily life, and you will leave with two essential oils blends in rollerball bottles to take home and use.

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Workshop tuition: Advance purchase: $25 for one, $20 each if you join with a friend, Day of: $35 (if space available). You can also use 2 ‘classes’ on your yoga class card. Pre-registration is highly recommended to ensure your space.

Click to make your reservation online, or call/text 607-280-2010 or pay for one with Paypal or Credit Card, pay for two with Paypal or Credit Card.