Awaken Your Kindest Humanity

You are invited to join us and other kindred spirits for Sacred Sundays at Yoga Farm, 8am-10:45. The morning, in its entirety, affords you the opportunity to have a deeply personal experience with your three sacred aspects; your Body, Mind, & Spirit.

  • sacredsundaycommunity8-9am; Ho’oponopono Practice; Prayers of Reconciliation & Forgiveness
  • 9-10; Gentle Yoga for All Abilities
  • 10-10:45; Meditation of Love, Light & Peace: Awakening our Kindest Humanity

This event is Free, and All are truly welcome.

You are invited to join the entire event, and you are equally welcome to join at the top of the hour at 8, 9, or 10am.

With so look forward to Welcome & Greet You! Every week, beautiful new faces, kind new open hearts arrive. Come anytime…


Our morning song / prayer is called ‘Ho’oponopono’. Here is a sample of it (sing along with us now…)


And we also sing a beautiful song together called ‘I Am’: