christoheranddaniela3croppedGift YourSelf the experience that will grant you access to a Radiant Life of Wonder…

The Radiance Course is an adult educational system designed for the student who longs to Feel the Rapture of Being Alive.


A happy, fulfilling life, firmly established in clarity and contentment, is the outcome of full participation in this course.

Along the way, students will experience:

  • vibrant and strong body
  • clear and reflective mind
  • joyful lightness of Being

We guide and teach participants specific tools and practices such that the Radiance of Body, Mind, and Soul can be fully expressed in your life.


Our Radiance System is delivered in workshops, weekend retreats, and the full 9-month course:

Radiance Workshop

Radiance Workshops are short-format sessions giving practical keys and experiential demonstrations of a specific aspect of the Radiance Educational System.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Saturdays, October 7, November 18th, December 16th, 3:00-5pm
  • Monday, October 30th, 6:30-8:30pm

Within each of us is the longing to feel the Rapture of being Alive and the capacity to Cherish our very Being, deeply.

Radiance Weekend Retreats

Our Radiance Retreat Weekends are an opportunity to dive deep into the studies and practices of the Radiance System.

Discover and overcome barriers for living a life of Wonder. Learn a specific key, for your life, to step into a new way of Being.

Upcoming retreats:

  • Thanksgiving weekend: Saturday Nov 25, 10-5:30, Sunday Nov 26, 9-4:30, Monday Nov 27, 6:30-9pm
  • New Year’s weekend: Saturday Dec 30, 10-5:30, Sunday Dec 31, 9-4:30, Monday Jan 1, 1-5pm

Radiance Course

Radiance Course 9 Month Program

To create a life of wonder, and feel the rapture of being alive, you will learn to balance and nurture the aspects that are you.

Our 9-month program is currently underway. This deeply immersive and transformational journey starts in September and graduates in May. Please read on if you are interested and would like to be on the list for next year’s program. (no obligation at all to be on the list to be contacted when registration formally opens)

Radiance Instructors & Guides

The Radiance Courses, Retreats and Workshops are skillfully developed and lovingly taught by Yoga Farm Directors Daniela and Christopher.

Daniela is a pioneer in spiritual teachings. She combines her wealth of spiritual background and knowledge with incredible insights and effortlessly weaves them into each class.  Daniela’s capacity of razor sharp listening and her gift of being able to see beyond the obvious guides her students to connect with their own inherent wisdom.

Christopher is a wonderful, patient, knowledgeable, and nurturing teacher, with a great sense of humor and play.  Christopher’s ability to listen to the needs of his students, then craft a session or personalized home practice with those needs in mind, is part of what makes his private sessions and group classes special.

Who is Radiance For?


There are no prerequisites for this course. The Radiance Course is suitable for adults aged 18 and up.

Have you come into the awareness that:

  • Self-care and self-love are essential components for living a happy, healthy life
  • You engage in specific habits and patterns in life that you know no longer serve you
  • You make progress in transforming some aspects of your life, yet know there is a leap to a full transformation that you can sustain
  • You long to be more present and more often than not live the kindest version of yourself in your family relationships, yet certain patterns and scripts keep playing out

Radiance Private Retreats

**The Radiance Course is also available as a private workshop retreat, scheduled for you, your family or friends, or a work team. This can be planned for a time and place of mutual convenience. We also offer the Radiance Course as weekend retreats at other centers around the country. Please inquire at 607-280-2010 or**