Yoga Farm has created a practical, accessible Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion.

If you have felt the touch of yoga and are ready to dive deeply into the practices, then learn how to give back, our yoga teacher training and immersion may be a match for you.

Summer ’17 and Winter ’17-’18 dates announced and applications now available. 

Apply today or attend our open house at Yoga Farm: Monday, May 8th, 5 – 6:30pm. You can also email or call/text Christopher at 607.280.2010 for more info.

What is this program?

mindfulwarriorThis 200 hour yoga teacher certification training encompasses two simultaneous journeys:

  • Your inner, personal journey – you merge with your yoga, becoming grounded and centered and present
  • Your outer journey – you learn to teach, allowing your gifts to be shared with the world

Our Yoga Farm teachers bring yoga, meditation and mindfulness to a large variety of settings: K-12 schools, businesses, festivals, yoga studios, living rooms, private sessions and more.

This training is not designed specifically for an ‘advanced’ yoga student, rather it is ‘for regular people, by regular people‘. We have found a ready market and rewarding service in teaching yoga that anyone can do and are eager to share.

This is yoga for every body. This is yoga for life, for YOUR life. We teach foundational practices and observances to assist you in standing strong and bright when you walk off the mat into work, relationships, into life.

When does it meet?

We offer our Mindful Warrior programs twice each year: a summer intensive, that runs Sundays-Thursdays for five weeks, and our winter program, that meets one weekend each month for 8 months.

Summer 2017 (Sessions are Sunday-Thursday*):

  • Yoga Immersion: Wednesday July 5 – Thursday July 20
  • Teaching Practicum: Sunday July 23 – Thursday Aug 10
  • Full 200 hour program: Wednesday July 5 – Thursday Aug 10 (both sections together)

*Sunday timings: 8am – 1pm, Monday-Thursday: 9am-3:30pm

Fall/Winter/Spring (Sessions are on the weekend**):

  • Yoga Immersion: Sept 30-Oct 1, Oct 21-22, Nov 11-12, Dec 2-3, 2017
  • Teaching Practicum: Jan 27-28, Feb 24-25, March 24-25, April 21-22, 2018
  • Full 200 hour program: All 8 weekends

**Saturday timings: 8am-8pm, Sunday: 8am-5pm

Who is this for?

ifyouarewaitingforasignOur training program is for:

  • Everyone who wishes to carry the teachings of yoga to others, in any settings
  • Those relatively new to yoga and enthusiastic about taking their practice to the next level
  • Students who are ready to adapt yoga to new audiences
  • Educators who are learning about yoga and mindfulness for the classroom
  • Students who are ready to deepen into their own practice
  • Those ready for a comprehensive training in all areas of yoga

Our teacher training will emphasize

  • mindfulness
  • flow yoga
  • gentle yoga
  • yoga for self-care
  • meditation
  • breathing exercises
  • learning to teach well
  • adjustments and alignment
  • history and philosophy

Yoga is much more than stretching – this program will assist students to live yoga into all aspects of life. We will cultivate the ability to be centered and calm in daily activities – when eating, watching a movie, whether life is steady and ease-full or turbulent and stressed. This is a practical immersion into True Yoga.

Enrollment in our Summer 2017 and Winter 2017-2018 programs is being offered at a very reasonable tuition (early-bird registrants receive the lowest tuition). Space is limited to a small group of 18 maximum, so that you will each receive maximum personal attention.

Program Tuition & Fees

We offer multiple tuition options, including payment plans and early bird tuition discounts:

Summer and Winter 200 hour certificate tuition:

  • Early-bird paid in full: $1500 tuition + $450 facility fee = $1950 for the full 200 hour tuition
  • Regular paid in full tuition: $1800  + $450 facility fee = $2,250 total
  • Late registration tuition: $2000  + $450 facility fee = $2,450 total

Summer and Winter 100 hour immersion or 100 hour practicum:

  • Yoga Immersion only (100 hour training): $1,200 (if space available – preference given to full 200 hour applicants)
  • Teaching Practicum only (100 hour training): $1,450

(Please note: Tuition covers instructors salary and manual. Facility fee covers yoga classes, some meals, insurance, heat, A/C, use of center)

Payment deadlines:

  • Early-bird: now until May 9
  • Regular tuition: May 10-June 15
  • Late tuition: June 16 – July 4


  • Early-bird: now until July 31
  • Regular tuition: August 1 – September 15
  • Late tuition: September 16 – September 30

Payment plan options:

  • $450 non-refundable deposit to hold your space
  • $2000 divided into equal payments. All program fees due in full prior to end of training.

Apply today or attend our open enrollment at Yoga Farm: Monday, May 8th, 5 – 6:30pm. You can also email or call/text Christopher at 607.280.2010 for more info.

Videos and Slide Show

How does it work?


Our 200-hour program includes immersions including yoga sessions, workshops and trainings in anatomy, philosophy, alignment and adjustments, teaching practice as well as restorative self-care practices.

Our new training will be Yoga Alliance approved, and is divided into 2 parts:

  • Yoga Immersion (About 70 hours in our classroom, plus outside practice & study = total of 100 hours of study)
  • Teaching Practicum (About 70 hours in our classroom, plus outside practice & study, class observation, practice teaching, and examination = total of 100 hours of study)

In between our time together, we will be connecting through private groups on social media and twice weekly yoga classes in our classroom at Yoga Farm (or at your home studio if Yoga Farm is not local to you).

You will have homework, self study and practice that will complete the 200 hours of training. After this, you will be ready for your final examination and certification!

To qualify for our 200 hour certificate and register with Yoga Alliance, you need to complete one immersion and one practicum, within one year.

No experience is necessary to take the immersion!

If you have already completed a 200 hour teaching program elsewhere, you can take just our Mindful Warrior teaching practicum as continuing education or a refresher.

mindfulwarriorlogoIn our time together, we will practice yoga and study yoga, yes, and more than that we’ll bring our mindfulness practices into a wide variety of activities, including:

  • outdoor hikes on warmer days
  • meditation walks
  • quiet mindfulness practices
  • quiet reading and reflection
  • documentary movies with popcorn
  • teatime
  • conversation on life
  • silent slow meals
  • chanting around the fire
  • and more!

In between, teacher trainees will take yoga classes for your own self-care and self-study (Yoga classes at Yoga Farm are included in the tuition). You’ll also have light home study assignments and collaborative tasks in between our sessions.

What will you learn?

mindfulwarriorttc2Our program has many outcomes:

  • Teach you self-care techniques that nurture your body, mind and spirit
  • Connecting to the mindful warrior within, discover your greatest gifts while you are here on this earth
  • Discover your own teaching voice and authentic passion for helping others
  • Learn how to sequence yoga flows
  • Adapt yoga to different groups, such as schools, businesses, etc.
  • Be trained in Yoga Farm’s unique accessible yoga styles that suits people of all body types
  • Create a community of yoga students and teachers
  • Discover that yoga is much more than stretching!

“Our Mindful Warrior yoga taught at Yoga Farm is most closely aligned with the yoga study known as ‘Raja Yoga’ also known as ‘Royal Yoga’ or ‘the 8-fold path’. It includes an emphasis on the physical practice of hatha yoga, and also brings in a strong foundation in mindfulness and meditation. Our Teacher Training program will prepare student teachers to teach vinyasa yoga for active classes and students, and gentler slow flow yoga for students of all body types and abilities.”  — Christopher Grant, Director of Yoga Farm

About Certification, Insurance, Licensing and Registration

This is a full 200 hour certification program. Your certificate is from Yoga Farm, our educational school. You will be able to call yourself a ‘certified yoga teacher’ and apply for insurance as a yoga teacher.

When applying for a job at a yoga studio, you will have your certificate from us, and a S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200recommendation from us, and can demonstrate proficiency in the practice and teaching of yoga.

Our Mindful Warrior Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance approved, and if you’d like you can apply to Yoga Alliance for their Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) designations.

How can you learn more?

Call Christopher 607-280-2010 to talk or schedule a meeting.

How to apply: Complete the form at the bottom of this page, or get started by downloading the PDF of our application:  Yoga Farm Mindful Warrior Training Application

Who are the trainers and what are their credentials?

Jeannie O’Neill

Jeannie O’Neill, E-RYT – Jeannie O’Neill is a seasoned educator and the SUNY Cortland meditation and Yoga instructor. She has years of experience in the public school system as well as in charter and alternative schools as a teacher, social worker and administrator. Having owned a yoga studio in Bennington, Vermont, Jeannie taught yoga to students ages 3 to ­83 and has extensive yoga anatomy, physiology and philosophy knowledge. Jeannie has provided countless hours of professional development workshops to educators and community partners. Along with being trained in vinyasa, anusara, ashtanga and yin yoga she carries a strong vipassana (meditation) practice following the teachings of Jack Kornfield, Jon Kabat Zinn and Patricia Jennings. Jeannie is a certified 200RYT yoga instructor and Mindful Schools curriculum trained. Her history undergrad was focused on; history, philosophy, Asian studies and world religions, which lead her to master’s studies in Mindful Education.

Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant, E-RYT – Christopher is a graduate of Cornell University school of Engineering and is founder of Yoga Farm. He is a certified yoga teacher, and partner or founder of several services organizations. Before the vision of Yoga Farm become reality, he was CEO of GORGES, Inc, a successful Ithaca web and software development firm. He has designed and led yoga sessions, longer courses, and meditations for schools, yoga studios, businesses and festivals. Christopher’s passion is in adapting the technology of yoga and mindfulness to practical and accessible formats.

Christopher received his 200-hour teaching certificate in Yoga in 2013 at the Kaivalya Yoga School, Ithaca, NY and an additional teaching certificate in 2014 from Naam Yoga Therapies in NYC.  In 2015 he continued his expansion of yoga therapy skills with a teacher training course called ‘The Science of the Private Lesson’.  Together, the physical yoga, breathing practices and easy meditations have helped him understand how to reduce stress, calm the mind, offer the body and nervous system healing and rest, and allow the smile within to rise up naturally.

Daniela Hess

Daniela Hess – Daniela is a Spiritual Director and co-Director of Yoga Farm and the HeartPath Institute.  She is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, and an instructor of Meditation & Yoga.  For 7 years she has been guiding individuals and couples to to tell the truth to themselves and one another, to live into their Purpose, and to make Love matter.

Her 20 years in spiritual study and application are primarily from the Mahayana School of Tibetan Buddhism,  as well as contemporary mentors such as Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, Ravi Walsh, and Dr. Jackie Black. The synthesis of the oral teachings and transmissions of an unbroken lineage combined with the contemporary teachings of Inquiry, modern mysticism, and HeartPath techniques fuel Daniela’s capacity of razor sharp listening, and guiding students into the very questions they seek answers to.

Video Samples

What are previous graduates saying?

“Yoga Farm has combined all the facets of an amazing and truly effective yoga teacher training program. The best practices of learning to feel at home in your body, mind and spirit, along with a ton of laughter and joy!” — Beth R.

“Fall blissfully in love with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and yourSelf while making new and deeply heart centered friendships!” — Meg C.

“If you’re looking to become a yoga teacher or increase your knowledge in this field, look no further. Christopher, Jeannie and Daniela provide a dynamic trio of teaching that will enhance physical mental and spiritual growth through a hands on curriculum. Prepare yourself for a sense of community, liberation and pure radiance.” — Cody N.

“Christopher, Jeannie, and Daniela have crafted a program that beautiful blends the technical, practical aspects and the very personal inner journey of yoga.  The lessons flow seamlessly from instructor to instructor and topic to topic. This flow comes from their extensive knowledge, their own personal experience, and their immense love for and dedication to yoga/meditation and their students. If you are interested in teaching yoga/mindfulness, want to go deeper into, or start your own yoga and meditation practice, listen to your inner wisdom, feel the pull of your Heart – follow your Yes.” — Pennee B.

Certification Requirements:

Students who complete the course requirements will receive their 200-hour “Yoga Farm Mindful Warrior Yoga Teacher Training Certification” from Yoga Farm.

Specific Requirements to be awarded certification:

  • Attend at least two yoga classes per week. Two classes a week are included in your tuition if you are convenient to Yoga Farm. After each class, log the day / time in your journal and take a few notes on what you learned or practiced during that sessions. A total of 20 additional yoga classes required as part of this training.
  • Attend all training weekends, if an emergency arises and you miss a session we may be able to offer makeup days
  • If you miss more than two days then you will need to complete the training during the summer or the next school year before you will receive certification.
  • Complete all homework assignments, independent study and reading requirements
  • Satisfactory completion of end of course examinations
  • Satisfactory demonstrate teaching in community classes

Independent Study Expectations and Requirements

Physical Training and Cultivation of Practice ~ Two yoga classes/week at any studio, 30 Hours of Personal Yoga Practice outside of studio, daily meditation practice during program.

  • Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens ~ Required Reading Textbook
  • Other books to be sent after enrollment
  • Practicum ~ Schedule to observe and document 2 yoga classes, assist in 2 yoga classes, teach two yoga sessions and create your own yoga video recording.
  • Elective ~ Pick a specialization in Yoga and present on that specialization; (Yoga for Kids, Athletes, Injuries, Special Needs, Autism, Eating disorders, etc.)
  • Additional study requirements and reading TBD

How to apply: Request our application packet at:, or call 607-280-2010

All applications will be considered by our teachers.

Partial scholarships:

For those who are interested, we have 2 need-based scholarships available. Please inquire for details. The scholarships may involve partial tuition, food preparation for group meals, studio cleaning, work on the farm and gardens, or other work-trade tasks suitable to the student in service of our Center.

Sample Day Schedule:

8:00­-8:30 am ~ Meditation
8:30-­10am ~ Active Yoga Class; Here is your chance to be the student
10­-10:30 am ~ break and mindful snack
10:30am-­12:00 pm ~ History and Philosophy: It’s not about how far you go. It’s about HOW you go.
12-­1pm ~ Lunch
1-1:30 ~ Mindful Walking Meditation
1:30-3 pm ~ Asana Lab – study several poses in detail – practice, teach, observe and take detailed teaching notes.
3­-3:30 ~ break
3:30-­4:30pm ~ Anatomy or Philosophy
4:30-5pm ~ Learn meditation and pranayama techniques
5­-6pm ~ Dinner
6-­7:30 pm ~ Teaching Methods and Techniques, or video, or study and discussion of one of our books, applied to each students life
7:30-­8pm ~ Mindfulness and closing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I take this training if I am relatively new to yoga?

Yes! This is a practical immersion into yoga. If you’d like to dive deeply into yoga practice for four months, and see what yoga can bring to your life, this is a perfect opportunity.

We do suggest that you take a few classes with Christopher or Jeannie before committing to the program so you can see what the yoga we teach is like.

I’m not sure if I want to teach yoga, is that OK?

Yes! This training will help you bring yoga and mindfulness into your life. Your inner work and transformation is the key component of this. If you don’t know if you want to, or don’t end up teaching yoga, that’s OK. You will learn to use your voice, to stand up strong, to talk honestly with others about life’s challenges and breakthroughs, and many other valuable skills that will help you in all areas of your life.

Have another question? Ask us! (contact info below)

How to apply:

Download the PDF of our application:

Yoga Farm Mindful Warrior Training Application

To receive an application by email or postal mail, please complete the form here, or call 607-280-2010.

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