thank you 5All of us at Yoga Farm are grateful to you for your patronage over our first two years of providing yoga classes, courses, workshops, and retreats.

Yoga Farm is dedicated to provided high quality instruction and studio space for our classes.

On January 1, we are modestly increasing the tuition for some of our yoga passes, to support quality pay for our instructors and to cover increased costs of maintaining the studio center.

During the month of December, you are invited to purchase class cards at the current class prices for yourself or as a gift certificate.

As of January 1, our new class prices will be:

  • 3-Class Pass: $45 (modest increase of $1.67 per class)
  • 8-Class Pass: $96 (modest increase of $2 per class)
  • Single Drop-In Class: $18 (modest increase of $3 per class)
  • Monthly unlimited will remain $95/month (no change)

thank you 6Christopher, Daniela and all of us here are very grateful for your patronage and are excited about our new offerings for 2017.

We are committed to providing quality instruction, a warm friendly environment, and welcoming community for you. Please contact us  with questions about our classes, tuition or feedback on any aspect of Yoga Farm.