Here at Yoga Farm, we have naturally and organically arrived at our own fluid and living philosophy on living life in healthy bodies, reverence in spirit, and clarity of mind.

One question that arises regards our policies on alcohol and drugs. The Vision of Yoga Farm is one of sobriety, after those who live here examined and contemplated our collective experiences of exploring and experimenting with a variety of drugs, alcohol and mind-altering substances.

What we are personally committed to is the path of Yoga, which is the balance of body mind and spirit. Intoxicants have opened our minds in many ways, yet we also discovered for ourselves that at some point, authentic balance couldn’t be sustained via the use of mind altering substances. Intoxicants showed us many extraordinary things, and meaningful insights, yet at a certain point, it also showed us the potency of addictions, in varying degrees. We asked ourselves, “who would I be without the aid of intoxicants?” What we discovered was something else was available only after we healed our addictive tendencies. Highs inevitably include a coming down, and the path of Yoga, free of intoxicants, revealed a sustained contentment unmatched by any substances.

Yoga Farm is a holistic, natural Wellness Center for learning effective tools for peace and freedom. 

This choice is reflected in a core philosophy of offering space for classes and workshops, camping and retreats that is free of influences that require ingestion and potential addictions that inhibit the ability to access sustainable personal freedom and clarity without them.

Yoga Farm is an alcohol, drug, tobacco and marijuana free zone. All are welcome to join us in lightness of being and experience yourself “just as you are”, unaltered, and in your True Nature while you are our guest. 

We are also a judgement free zone. You are free to make your choices as you wish for your life regarding substances. We do not look down on anyone’s choices. While you are here, we invite you to see what might be available without substances.