Our dynamic yoga class brings together vinyasa flow yoga, energizing breathing, and kundalini meditations to generate and sustain energy, clarity and radiance. Imagine waking every day living with a steady flow of energy and a capable body.

As part of our  Ways of the Sacred Warrior curriculum, we have created an entirely new course incorporating several powerful styles of yoga tuned to build strength, flexibility, and resilience in body and mind.

This core program is perfect for those with some yoga experience, who are ready to deepen into more of the benefits of yoga, and to launch the transformative capability of yoga into their life. 

(Do you prefer gentle yoga? Our beginner track: ‘Come Home To The Body‘ is a perfect starting point on your journey to yoga.)

This is NOT your average yoga class!

Our class combines physical yoga, meditation, mindfulness, energizing breathing exercises, and contemplation practices to give you the ability to bring the active support of yoga into your life. Our caring and supportive environment, intimate class, and insightful teachers will help you to step through the barriers between you and your potential.

Experience renewed enthusiasm and a deepened connection to your Self.

Our class will build on your yoga foundation learned in Come Home to Your Body, or other yoga classes and will add energizing flow yoga, powerful kriyas and deep meditations to build flexibility and strength, confidence and fearlessness — on AND off the mat.

This course is unique has been developed by and will be taught exclusively by Yoga Farm director Christopher.

What you will receive in ‘Radiant Vitality Yoga’:

  • strength and flexibility in their body
  • a sharp and focused mind
  • improved sleep
  • access to deep states of meditation
  • tools to recharge your body anywhere
  • the experience of unconditional contentment and joy

What the regular practice of yoga can deliver:

  • clarity in thinking
  • peace of mind
  • freedom from pain
  • increased physical fitness and strength
  • improved outlook for life
  • addictions, habits quit you
  • naturally energized
  • joy in the spirit
Energizing Yoga Builds strength, confidence and flexibility

Experience has shown us that people making a commitment to consecutive weekly classes gain benefits far beyond occasional drop-in classes.  

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This new series begins February 1, Wednesday @ 5:45pm

Tuition: $125 for an 8 class series
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