Discover Your Radiant Self and Awaken Your Kindest Humanity

Daniela & Christopher, Yoga Farm Directors

Our warm and welcoming yoga center is located on a gorgeous farm offers holistic, accessible, practical teachings of yoga, meditation, contemplation and inquiry for people of all ages and abilities. Our yoga classes in Lansing are suitable for:

  • newcomers to yoga
  • older adults
  • adults of all shapes and sizes
  • students returning to yoga
  • advancing students who seek to deepen their practice and meet new challenges
  • anyone looking to improve fitness, flexibility and strength

You can read about:

Introductory interview video with Daniela & Christopher:

We have a bold vision of creating a world-class retreat and yoga center on the Yoga Farm.

Our mission of service calls for increasing our capacity for service by creating a larger studio, and bringing in more teachers to support freedom, peace, and wellness for all members of our community. Take a look at our vision and growth plans now.  Consider becoming a founding member of Yoga Farm.

Experience video for an Ithaca College project created by Haley Doran & Emma McQuade:

Yoga Farm welcomes those of all faiths, orientations, and political parties. Yoga Farm is a drug, alcohol and tobacco-free facility.