Here are a few comments from students of our ‘Come Home to Your Body’ yoga series of courses.

“The overall experience has been wonderful. I had never done yoga until I started here. This is my second course and it has helped me so much. <3” – Michelle

“I love that it is possible to receive precisely what is personally useful each week. That is a true blessing. Hooray for Yoga Farm.” – Rodney

“Come Home to Your Body” has been a wonderful course. Fun atmosphere. Daniela & Christopher work well together making class delightful. The class is great for all levels of experience with yoga. – G. Starr

“I have taken many courses now at Yoga Farm and every time it is a new experience. I always learn more about yoga, my body and myself. This space is for ANY BODY. It is very welcoming and supportive to my needs. I love it here.” – Trish

“I greatly enjoyed these sessions. I started coming simply for a form of exercise, but this has become helpful for my back pain and some anger management issues as well.”

“I have enjoyed this course – Thank you! The meditations definitely helped me to begin learning to process daily life. The poses have greatly helped my flexibility and strength.”

“Fantastic balance between the two teachers! The course includes personal goal setting, meditation, and a safe environment to explore my physical and mental capacity.” – Maeve

“These classes have had a positive effect on my life. Feeling so much better in my mind and body.” – Candice

“Thank you so much! I totally enjoyed this course. I Don’t have any suggestions for improvement. I love it the way it is. I like the video you gave us at the end because I can follow along at home easier.”

“This course brought attention to our breathing and the space between. Going slower in the yoga section makes it possible to feel the body more.”

“I love the Come Home to Your Body course. The classes in it have helped me find calmness and clarity. I use the teachings so many times throughout my daily activities.” – Jennie

“This course helped improve my flexibility physically & emotionally; my body has felt relief from pain and stiffness and after learning more about myself in class, I have become more open-minded and flexible with my relationships with others and myself. I can truly say I am on a new adventure to find happiness.”

“I appreciate the focus of the weekly lessons that continue to bring light and the feeling of improvement in my life. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my journey and that everyone has their own story. Thank you!”

“Taking this class is the best! I experience so many things during a class such as mind and body relaxation, empowerment, education, community and love. Such a great space to be in with amazing people.” – Kathleen

The “Come Home to Your Body” classes have helped me too incorporate yoga into my daily life.  The classes have been life enriching experiences.  Thank you. – Dianne

“Helped me to be more in tune with myself and game me useful tools to help me stay healthy and happy.” – Eric

“It improved my balance and flexibility. Game me tools to stay focused and balanced when stress happens.” – Phyllis

“The value was increased self-awareness both physically and emotionally. Come Home to Your Body courses have become the time each week that I dedicate to myself, and that’s invaluable!” – Kath

“It’s easier to meditate because I am connected more with my body” – Patricia

“I needed some time and space in my life to be peaceful, contemplative and physical. This course provided all that & more.” – Peter

“This is my first experience with yoga and I found this class to be just the right combination of physical work and spiritual practice. Very enjoyable!” – Cindy

“After living with agoraphobia for over 10 years, this was my first step back into a world of association with others and taking care of my body.” – Amy

“It was an opportunity to stop, rest, unwind and recenter my heart” – Kimberly

“The square breathing really has been a great help to me, as well as learning to pause! Thank you.” – Amanda

“I feel like family at Yoga Farm” – Sharon

“This course allowed me to take time for myself and be more aware of my thoughts and balance and mental state. I love the people in our class, plus Christopher and Daniela, and looked forward to coming every Monday! Love the space too!” – Sally

“I am physically and mentally stronger and more flexible. I have also made some wonderful supportive friends” – Kathy


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