Christopher & Daniela give talks, in-service consultations, and presentations in businesses and the community.

Here are some recent topics:

  1. 3 Keys to Sustained Happiness
  2. Practical Tools to Live a Life of Fulfillment and Joy
  3. How to Step into Courageous Action in Service
  4. Refresh your Passion & Purpose in the Workplace
  5. Find Your Why, Overcome Obstacles, Realize Success

As we gradually quiet the mind and embrace the present moment, as it is, we find greater ease and joy in life. In today’s busy world, this isn’t very easy to do! The relevant practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness give us practical tools to bring the body and mind together, in the present.

“Christopher’s presentation on stress management and the pursuit of happiness is one of the most effective and engaging talks I have had the pleasure of participating. Through yoga and introspection, Christopher reminds us to slow down and consider what’s most important in improving our quality of life: happiness” 

— Shayra Kamal, President, Life Changing Labs @ Cornell University

Yoga enables us to weather the changes that ripple through our life with Grace. Our resistance to change and transition creates stress. Yoga is a scientific way to free ourselves from what is holding us back from living up to our potential – a fulfilled life with good relationships, useful service, spontaneous joy, and a clear mind.

Heartpath_150309We are forever grateful for these gifts and are passionate about sharing it with people ready to face stress, sorrow, addiction, physical pain and suffering, and chronic unhappiness or dissatisfaction in their lives.

We offer simple, practical techniques in many formats and environments that anyone can do to create ease in the body and peace in the mind and heart.

We have given talks and classes at: Local organizations, business, libraries, service groups including Rotary and Lions Club, teachers retreats, schools, non-profits and other health related businesses.

I found your presentation insightful and engaging”

Michael RaspuzziManaging Director of Life Changing Labs, Cornell University


Examples of Presentations

Practical tools to live a life of fulfillment and joy

In this inspirational talk, we present practical ways that will invite you to engage more deeply with life, leaving behind stress, confusion, and addiction and stepping into a life of joy and fulfillment. We’ll examine common causes of stress and how to  become free of them.

This is a fun and engaging experiential discussion that brings a method for cultivating ease in body, peace of mind and joy in Spirit. Specific tools are offered that you can start using immediately to see through what is holding you back and take  action right away to become more present, and begin to loosen the grip of suffering or sorrow.

3 keys to Happiness

In this talk you will be invited deeper into the mysteries of your own mind.

This inspirational evening offers three keys for sustained happiness and stress-free living.

If you are ready to get unstuck, find a way out of pain, and stretch into a joyful, fulfilling life, then join us!

Experience gentle yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices to support and transform your life, and much more.

Step into Courageous Action in Service

This talk brings together the yoga of action and the Serenity prayer, so that we can understand when and how to truly accept what we cannot change in our life, and when and how to take courageous action in the world.

This distinction arises from our own innate wisdom, and there are tools from yoga and mindfulness that enable us to cultivate discernment and give our best when it is right to do so.

Refresh your Passion & Purpose in the Workplace

This workshop is for teams who work together in a service environment. It is a process of reconnecting with ‘Motive of the Mind & Heart’, that has you in the business that you are in, along with practical tools to manage stress in real-time.

Each person will emerge with two valuable tools: 1) A statement of service, a phrase that lights them up and connects them to the others in the room in a practical way. 2)  A simple and practical mindfulness practice to slow down reactions, to enable the individual to respond from a place of connection rather than reaction.

The statement of service or a ‘Why’ statement is one sentence that captures a unique contribution and impact. The contribution is the real actionable part of your Why. The impact is the condition you wish to leave the people and world around you.

Together, these two tools provides the individual with clarity, meaning and direction. It is a filter through which they can make decisions, every day, to bring their cause, their purpose to life.

Find Your Why, Overcome Obstacles, Realize Success

What is it that you are deeply passionate about? What are you uniquely qualified to offer as a service?

What perceived barriers are between you and connection to power, passion and purpose?

We weave together tools from many traditions to effectively guide you into your own Heart’s wisdom, so that you know the next step to fulfillment in your own life, relationships and work.

These are a few samples of what is available. Let’s get together and talk!

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