A few words from our founder, Christopher:

The vision for Yoga Farm was given to me 20 years ago. I saw a group of skilled teachers, students, and families living and learning together in a beautiful natural environment. Read on for some of my story! You can also read about the vision for Yoga Farm. Contact us if you’d like to be involved!

My Journey to Now

christopehrdanielasingingMy journey with yoga has been a long and windy road.  In my late teens, into my college years, I found myself with an overactive mind, obsessing over every little detail of life, probing to find meaning and truth.  As my sharp mind became more and more dominant, I had trouble sleeping, and turned to alcohol and substances to numb the chatter and resultant confusion.  

In my 20’s, I discovered ashtanga yoga, and found that the vigorous, sweaty, gymnastic-like practice helped to calm my mind while toning my body.  As the years went on, I would occasionally find myself in a place of deep peace, after getting thoroughly tired out in a 90 minute yoga session.  I explored and learned from many modes of physical yoga: Ashtanga, Kripalu, Vinyasa, Iyengar to name a few, always seeking that wellspring of peace and quiet that I knew to be inside of me, as I had tasted and remembered the merest droplets of this gift.

sundayyogaIn my 30’s I shifted my study to breathing and clearing practices (Kriyas), mainly learned in the Art of Living courses and in Kundalini Yoga, and was gifted a daily meditation from my teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, that has since become the cornerstone of my yoga practices and provides a ready gateway to that inner peace that I sought for so long.  

Now – Director of Yoga at Yoga Farm

yoga class gratitude retreat5I am incredibly passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga to people of all faiths, ages, body types and levels of experience in a way that is accessible, helpful, and meaningful.  I believe that introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our world. I believe the best way to get more people practicing yoga and meditation is to offer group classes and private yoga therapy that meet people, right where they are.

I come to a private yoga session or group yoga class entirely without an agenda. This allows me to listen for and teach the aspects of yoga that will be most beneficial to the person in front of me, helping them achieve balance in all areas of their life, including relief from pain and clarity of mind.

christopherteachingsacredsundayI prepare for our group classes by meditating and clearing my mind.  I review notes of previous classes, thinking about what worked and how to continue the teachings and offer opportunities for joy.  Then, when people arrive for class, I check in with them, see where they are in body and mind, and listen for a set or sequence of poses, breathing, and mindfulness practices that will serve each individual in that class. 

My sharp eye and crystal clear explanations are delivered with love and sweetness.  One of my specialties is my ability to meet students where they are and make yoga accessible to anyone.

Come try out one of my classes! I’d love to meet you 🙂

Here are a few short videos so you can get a feel for how I teach:


“When the program at our retreat changed at the last minute because of an emergency with one of the headliners, Christopher stepped in to lead a beautiful, fun yoga session for an audience of 150. His liveliness and sincerity created the perfect environment for people of all abilities to jump in and participate.”  – L. J., retreat organizer, Ithaca, NY

“Christopher, you are a distinctly gifted teacher, able to identify sequences ideal for the individual as well as a group. I recall with fondness your assistance with my arm… in that session you were comfortable and able to hold the space for my discomfort, physically and emotionally with tremendous Grace. You were able to let me be with my tears, with no need to run for Kleenex and the belief of, “oh here, tissues, let’s clean up that mess!” You just let me be where I was, silently, so I could move deeper into it, through it. ”  – D.H., Lansing, NY

“Dictionary.com defines Yoga in this way: any of the methods or disciplines prescribed, especially a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind tranquility. In the last two years, I have had the great good fortune to discover a Yoga Teacher who practices this- ON HIMSELF. In my thirty years of practicing yoga, I have studied with many good teachers. And I have studied with few teachers who actually live the discipline of both body and mind necessary to bring about the true gift of yoga- control of the body and tranquility of the mind. Christopher Grant of Yoga Farm in Lansing, NY does live this discipline. It makes him a teacher who is gentle, kind, powerful and able to instill that same love of the discipline in his students. If you are looking for a Yoga Teacher who will impress you with THEIR abilities, keep looking. If you are ready to work with a Yoga Teacher who will show and help you develop YOUR abilities, look no further, you found Christopher Grant.” — R.W., Ithaca, NY

“For those actively practicing yoga or for the beginners who are trying to kickstart a lifestyle change I would highly recommend giving Christopher a call and stop in to see the studio at the Yoga Farm. I feel very privileged to be able to study with Christopher. He’s a highly skilled yoga instructor, his approach is both caring and challenging and it is easy to tell that he has a true passion for yoga and for helping people unfold their own potential.” — R.F., Horseheads, NY

“Ananda’s space and style are gentle and welcoming; a perfect way to start or end a day…” – J.W., Ithaca, NY

“Comfortable space just right for small classes.  The Vinyasa class was at a good pace. Christopher offered variations of poses so we could each choose what suited us.   He is a welcoming and knowledgeable instructor.” – S.A., Ludlowville, NY