Happy Birthday to Us & You!

Christopher & I launched one of Yoga Farm’s most well attended Courses, the ‘Come Home to Your Body’ series One Year ago!!!! Our Heart, Passion, and Purpose are thoroughly poured into each classroom, for and with, our students. It’s a 7-week Course that runs all through the year in 4 segments, which is delightful in that anyone can join at any point in the year… which means, that in January, a new series begins called ‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’.

Who is the Come Home to Your Body series for…?

  • Anyone with the intention and desire to reconnect with their personal experience in their body, and to return to self care of the body.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn HOW to access and sustain a peaceful state of Being via gentle movements, and our skillful direction.
  • Anyone who seeks a kind Community in which you can step into, weekly, exactly as you are, and be thoroughly welcomed as you participate personally and collectively on a Journey of Self care & Self kindness.

Here is a 30-second sample of the yoga, designed so that anyone can do it:

Why did Christopher & I develop this particular program?

  • We married our individual Passions; mine as a razor sharp Spiritual Life Coach along with Christopher’s passion as a highly regarded Teacher of the Art & Science of Yoga.
  • We found that these two modalities, intertwined, created a highly effective experience for students such that they could heal & thrive, rather rapidly, with the consecutive weeks of yoga coupled with the personalized Life Lessons that students would take home and practice in all their Relations. Yoga ‘off the mat’, in essence.
  • See, the WHOLE purpose of Yoga is “Not to use the body to get into the yoga postures, BUT, to use the yoga postures to get into the body.”

In our private work with clients, again and again, we see how this ONE critical skill of learning HOW to be in your body, is a ‘game changer’ that steeps into all aspects of Your life.

We realize how simple this sounds, yet it isn’t easy. See, the body is ONE aspect of yourself that is ALWAYS present. You have probably heard the Wisdom in many forms of ‘Be present’ or ‘Be Here Now’, yet it’s not so easy, because the MIND wanders all over the place. Like, constantly. And, whether conscious of the mind’s wanderings or not, ‘wherever Your mind goes, You go.’

Yoga is the simple, potent practice of linking the ‘WanderMind’ with the Breath and the Body. Our stress and anxieties in life ‘happen’ in the mind, and they get lodged in the body, so this, coupled with sedentary lifestyles, are grounds for diminished Joy & Vitality in the body.

‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’ gifts you highly practical skills and tools that you can immediately employ outside of class, daily, such that you can truly experience radical shifts in your experiences in BOTH your Mind AND your Body.

The Course structure is an intentional Journey that we developed together to offer you such that the gems of both Coaching & Yoga are within your daily capacity to utilize in your life.

‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’ is a direct route, an efficient path for You to tend to YOU. When you afford yourself 90 minutes each week of thorough self care, we teach you to learn and lean into the value of how to, ‘take the oxygen first, THEN help those around you’ (spoken by wise flight attendants, every single day). Often we are skilled at helping others in life, our children, family members, and partners, however, we can feel deeply depleted when our own self care is not an equal priority.

In the longer stretch of life, it is true that we can truly only help others to the degree that we help ourselves. A content, joyous life is one in which we serve others from the Lightness of our own spirit, present, in Joy, and contentment… however, the depleted version of us tends to be tense and resentful inside, and we do our ‘best’ to not let those feelings out.

This is WHY we teach this Course. We are deeply invested in helping students and clients to “Discover You & Awaken YOUR Kindest Humanity”.

The Kindest version of our World is a world in which we we LIVE our Kindest Self…

It is the Present, deeply connected version of ourselves (and yes, you already know this aspect of yourself, to one degree or another) that lives an inspired, Joyful life.

The version of You that becomes flexible in your body become flexible, less rigid, in your mind, your thinking.

The version of You with a flexible, open Mind has the greatest access to the Wisdom and the warmth of your Open Heart.

We have some remaining seats available to offer You to participate in this groundbreaking 7 week Course.

You can write or call us with questions, and we offer an Early Bird Discount for this Course until the end of the upcoming Open House on Monday, 1/16/17, 5:30-7:30pm.

We also offer You a ‘Join-with-a-Friend’ rate, as most everything is even more Fun with a Friend you cherish…!

You are welcome to register online at: website link; https://yogafarm.us/come-home-to-your-body/

With Welcome You to this beautiful Journey this January.

Consider Gifting yourself 14 hours of tender Community, learning highly practical tools, serenity, and laughter in ‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’.

We look forward to Welcome You!


Give the gift of transformation!

Do you want to give the gift of transformation  to someone you know and care for? (or gift someone anonymously!)


Who do you know?

  • Is getting married, having a birthday or anniversary, or graduating?
  • Whose kids have left for college?
  • Who is sick and tired of anxiety, loneliness, and seriousness?
  • Who has said they always have wanted to try yoga?
  • Who, inside, is a warrior, and yet perhaps they don’t see it?
  • Is a Parent of a toddler who is ready for some mind/body tranquility ‘mommy time’?
  • Who gives and gives to others, and you’d like to give them the gift of relaxation and self care?

Our courses are suitable for people of all ages, body types, and levels of experience.

What can you give them?

3 class yoga drop-in pass:  $40

8 class yoga drop-in pass:  $80

Sacred Warrior Course: $195
Choose from: ‘Come Home to Your Body’, ‘Come Home to Your Heart’, ‘Come Home to Your Mind’

Sacred Warrior Course for you and a friend: $300
(For $300, you can choose any of the three courses for you, and gift a friend OR a full scholarship applicant admittance to any of the three courses.)

Sacred Warrior Course Anonymous Gift: $195
Pay it forward! We’ll select a student from scholarship applications and admit them into the course of their choice. Be a Sacred Warrior!

Call 607.280.2010 or email info@yogafarm.us to get started



Demystifying yoga: helping you embody exactly who you want to be in all aspects of your life

“This course helped me to incorporate yoga practices into my life on a daily basis. The benefits included body strength, awareness, and spiritual presence which enabled me to give and receive love more authentically.” – Cindy W., participant in Come Home to Your Body, our beginner’s yoga course.

This week, we concluded our first semester of our first full length course at Yoga Farm. A deep and lasting shift took place here over the last two months, as we guided 60 students, most of them new to yoga, into a new relationship with their body, mind and spirit.

traits-for-massive-success-in-businessBy any measure, this first semester was successful for Yoga Farm. However, we measure success not by dollars or class size, but rather by hearing the words that people share about what has changed in their own lives at the conclusion of our yoga courses. The reported results after 2 months of a class that meets once a week were deeply humbling and awe-inspiring.

Yoga may seem mysterious to some, but to be honest, its very straightforward

dandelionSome people want to learn to interrupt their patterns of anger, to deepen into the calm that yoga and meditation brings.  Some may want to lose weight, some want to be able to tie their own shoes and wipe their own butt for as long as possible.  Some want to improve their golf game, some want to maintain their independence as long as possible, to preserve their dignity, some want to keep their vitality for as long as possible as the body ages.

What do you want for your life?

The results you get in your life from a practice like yoga reflect the depths of your longing. Yoga is not just for people who want to deepen into their spiritual practice. Whatever your goal for your life, your body, your relationships, your work — yoga is a universal support system.

Do you want to live your best life? Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself, co-workers, spouse? Do you want strength and flexibility and energy? Do you want to cultivate a smile that won’t quit?


yoga class gratitude retreat5Join us for one of our next courses: ‘Come Home to Your Body’ is our beginner yoga course, and ‘Joyful Vitality in Your Body’ is our intermediate yoga course. We also offer immersions and teacher trainings as part of our educational curriculum called ‘The Path of the Sacred Warrior‘.

The teachers, presenters and residents at Yoga Farm are always available to talk, contact us anytime!

We wish you the very best of health and happiness for you and your family.

Christopher and Daniela, co-founders of Yoga Farm and generators of the ‘Path of the Sacred Warrior’ curriculum