Happy Birthday to Us & You!

Christopher & I launched one of Yoga Farm’s most well attended Courses, the ‘Come Home to Your Body’ series One Year ago!!!! Our Heart, Passion, and Purpose are thoroughly poured into each classroom, for and with, our students. It’s a 7-week Course that runs all through the year in 4 segments, which is delightful in that anyone can join at any point in the year… which means, that in January, a new series begins called ‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’.

Who is the Come Home to Your Body series for…?

  • Anyone with the intention and desire to reconnect with their personal experience in their body, and to return to self care of the body.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn HOW to access and sustain a peaceful state of Being via gentle movements, and our skillful direction.
  • Anyone who seeks a kind Community in which you can step into, weekly, exactly as you are, and be thoroughly welcomed as you participate personally and collectively on a Journey of Self care & Self kindness.

Here is a 30-second sample of the yoga, designed so that anyone can do it:

Why did Christopher & I develop this particular program?

  • We married our individual Passions; mine as a razor sharp Spiritual Life Coach along with Christopher’s passion as a highly regarded Teacher of the Art & Science of Yoga.
  • We found that these two modalities, intertwined, created a highly effective experience for students such that they could heal & thrive, rather rapidly, with the consecutive weeks of yoga coupled with the personalized Life Lessons that students would take home and practice in all their Relations. Yoga ‘off the mat’, in essence.
  • See, the WHOLE purpose of Yoga is “Not to use the body to get into the yoga postures, BUT, to use the yoga postures to get into the body.”

In our private work with clients, again and again, we see how this ONE critical skill of learning HOW to be in your body, is a ‘game changer’ that steeps into all aspects of Your life.

We realize how simple this sounds, yet it isn’t easy. See, the body is ONE aspect of yourself that is ALWAYS present. You have probably heard the Wisdom in many forms of ‘Be present’ or ‘Be Here Now’, yet it’s not so easy, because the MIND wanders all over the place. Like, constantly. And, whether conscious of the mind’s wanderings or not, ‘wherever Your mind goes, You go.’

Yoga is the simple, potent practice of linking the ‘WanderMind’ with the Breath and the Body. Our stress and anxieties in life ‘happen’ in the mind, and they get lodged in the body, so this, coupled with sedentary lifestyles, are grounds for diminished Joy & Vitality in the body.

‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’ gifts you highly practical skills and tools that you can immediately employ outside of class, daily, such that you can truly experience radical shifts in your experiences in BOTH your Mind AND your Body.

The Course structure is an intentional Journey that we developed together to offer you such that the gems of both Coaching & Yoga are within your daily capacity to utilize in your life.

‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’ is a direct route, an efficient path for You to tend to YOU. When you afford yourself 90 minutes each week of thorough self care, we teach you to learn and lean into the value of how to, ‘take the oxygen first, THEN help those around you’ (spoken by wise flight attendants, every single day). Often we are skilled at helping others in life, our children, family members, and partners, however, we can feel deeply depleted when our own self care is not an equal priority.

In the longer stretch of life, it is true that we can truly only help others to the degree that we help ourselves. A content, joyous life is one in which we serve others from the Lightness of our own spirit, present, in Joy, and contentment… however, the depleted version of us tends to be tense and resentful inside, and we do our ‘best’ to not let those feelings out.

This is WHY we teach this Course. We are deeply invested in helping students and clients to “Discover You & Awaken YOUR Kindest Humanity”.

The Kindest version of our World is a world in which we we LIVE our Kindest Self…

It is the Present, deeply connected version of ourselves (and yes, you already know this aspect of yourself, to one degree or another) that lives an inspired, Joyful life.

The version of You that becomes flexible in your body become flexible, less rigid, in your mind, your thinking.

The version of You with a flexible, open Mind has the greatest access to the Wisdom and the warmth of your Open Heart.

We have some remaining seats available to offer You to participate in this groundbreaking 7 week Course.

You can write or call us with questions, and we offer an Early Bird Discount for this Course until the end of the upcoming Open House on Monday, 1/16/17, 5:30-7:30pm.

We also offer You a ‘Join-with-a-Friend’ rate, as most everything is even more Fun with a Friend you cherish…!

You are welcome to register online at: website link; https://yogafarm.us/come-home-to-your-body/

With Welcome You to this beautiful Journey this January.

Consider Gifting yourself 14 hours of tender Community, learning highly practical tools, serenity, and laughter in ‘Come Home to Your Body; Ground’.

We look forward to Welcome You!


NEWS: Yoga Farm Expands Its Vision in Lansing

ithaca.comlogoPosted: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 6:00 am | Updated: 7:16 am, Tue Sep 22, 2015. by Michael Nocella

Nearly three months after its grand opening, Yoga Farm, a 1,200-square-foot wellness center at 404 Conlon Road, is expanding its business plan. Owner Christopher Grant is offering free yoga classes to anyone who wants to try through September 26.

“The promotion that we have,” Grant explained, “going from September 13 through September 26 is to create an opportunity for everyone to try all of our new classes out by making them absolutely free. So every class – we have 15 a week – is free to everybody. People who have been here before, people who haven’t. We’re doing this because we are really proud of the 10 teachers we have here working at this yoga center.”

Grant, the founder and former CEO of Gorges, a software development firm in Ithaca, previous stated that his vision for a yoga studio is a bit different. The certified yoga teacher and guru recently renovated an old barn on his 65-acre farm property in Lansing. Grant has transformed the barn into a state-of-the-art wellness center, which will be the main space for his new business, Yoga Farm. Now that phase one has been such a success, Grant is looking for Yoga Farm to be even more than it is already.

“Things have been going great,” Grant said. “We had our grand opening two and a half months ago, and since then we’ve seen a steady group of people coming into the studio. We’re really excited. We’re getting people coming from all over, partly because of the amazing setting, and mainly because we’re taking a unique approach to yoga in that it’s holistic – it treats the body and the mind. It meets people where they are. We don’t assume anything from anyone’s physical abilities. We let our styles adapt to them.”

“We have expanded the vision,” he continued, “so now we’re putting together things that will create more of a retreat facility. We’re going to put in more housing; more bathing facilities so people can come here regionally. This will become a center where [people from New York City] can come out to and get a little [rest and relaxation].”

It takes all about three seconds on the property of Yoga Farm to realize it’s not your typical yoga business. The studio, for starters, is a restored barn from the 1800s, and overlooks a gorge. Just around the corner is Grant’s home, where he lives with some roommates. One of those roommates is Neko Three Sixty, a longtime traveling yoga teacher who mastered her craft in Denver, but also had pit stops in Texas and Rochester before stumbling upon the living-working opportunity at Yoga Farm – a situation she called “an absolute blessing – this is the vision for myself I’ve been dreaming for a long time.”

“I teach a restorative yoga here,” Three Sixty explained, “which is essentially very few poses. It’s a very gentle, melting experience. It’s kind of an adult nap with a massage. The intention behind it is I’ve read that 20 minutes of restorative yoga is equivalent to a two-hour nap in terms of how it regenerates the body. So in a 75-minute class, you’re getting like seven and a half hours of sleep, basically.”

As for her new home, she couldn’t say enough good things about it.

“I really appreciate that our own practices and our own lives are devoted into yoga in all of the ways it means. Not just postures, but mediation, and consciousness with our food and our land. And so, from my perspective, this place offers a full-bodied heart, mind and soul experience of peacefulness and a desire to look deeper. It feels authentic. It’s a special and inclusive place.”

For more information on Yoga Farm and its offerings, visit www.yogafarm.us.