Yoga is a simple word with lots of different meanings to different people.  In the USA, yoga has become a hot fitness trend, with strong, flexible, beautiful people in pretzel poses and glamorous outfits gracing covers of magazines and social media from coast-to-coast.

body-image-1Here at Yoga Farm, we have taken a more holistic approach, de-emphasizing the physical fitness side of yoga in favor of a holistic approach.  To us, holistic means that ALL aspects of a person are valued and honored.  One meaning of the word yoga is ‘to yoke’ or to bring together.  In our classes here we bring together accessible practices for the body, the mind, and the breath.

We practice yoga poses to stretch and strengthen the body, since everyone who comes for class has a body.  However we select poses that everyone can do, regardless of age or fitness, and teach them carefully so they can be practiced safely with confidence and ease.  Each class is tuned to match the people in the room, which is possible because our class sizes are kept small.  We see the beauty and perfection in everyone, and don’t throw poses or sequences at students that will make them feel less about themselves.

We also teach meditation — what yoga used to be, before it became a hot fitness trend.  Stillness and mindfulness meditations are key tools for supporting a healthy mind.  The body needs to stretch, exercise, and be acknowledged for it’s inherent goodness.  The mind needs to rest, focus and be acknowledged for it’s inherent goodness.

benefitsofyogaThe magic key that yokes the body and mind together is the breath.  So our third major category of practices are breathing exercises. The breath can energize the body, soothe the mind, and bring balance to our daily life.  The breath is the surfboard to ride the waves of life, and we cultivate resiliency so we don’t get swept under by the turbulence that we all face, most days.

When we practice mindfulness practices, using the breath to yoke the body and mind together, the mind settles into the body, which is always in the present.  When the mind is in the now, accepting what-is, we feel refreshed, focused, and can think clearly, handling decisions and stresses without overwhelm.

This our how our body-mind is designed to work optimally!  We were built this way, to live happy and free, despite our human imperfections and challenges, or perhaps because of our human imperfections and challenges!

Our yoga classes are inspired by yoga styles including: Slow flow, Gentle yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini, Yin, breathing, restorative and meditation techniques.

Here at Yoga Farm, we offer classes in a beautiful wellness center overlooking a gorge, surrounded by nature, where you can learn how to tap your built-in joy, mental freedom, and physical wellness that you know is there.  Our framework is yoga: an ancient holistic body-mind educational and training science offered here with flair.

We hope you’ll give our yoga classes a try! If you are new to yoga, consider our Come Home to Your Body yoga course.