Do you want to give the gift of transformation  to someone you know and care for? (or gift someone anonymously!)


Who do you know?

  • Is getting married, having a birthday or anniversary, or graduating?
  • Whose kids have left for college?
  • Who is sick and tired of anxiety, loneliness, and seriousness?
  • Who has said they always have wanted to try yoga?
  • Who, inside, is a warrior, and yet perhaps they don’t see it?
  • Is a Parent of a toddler who is ready for some mind/body tranquility ‘mommy time’?
  • Who gives and gives to others, and you’d like to give them the gift of relaxation and self care?

Our courses are suitable for people of all ages, body types, and levels of experience.

What can you give them?

3 class yoga drop-in pass:  $40

8 class yoga drop-in pass:  $80

Sacred Warrior Course: $195
Choose from: ‘Come Home to Your Body’, ‘Come Home to Your Heart’, ‘Come Home to Your Mind’

Sacred Warrior Course for you and a friend: $300
(For $300, you can choose any of the three courses for you, and gift a friend OR a full scholarship applicant admittance to any of the three courses.)

Sacred Warrior Course Anonymous Gift: $195
Pay it forward! We’ll select a student from scholarship applications and admit them into the course of their choice. Be a Sacred Warrior!

Call 607.280.2010 or email to get started