20141204_BrianLeighton_0147finalWe’ve all know the effects of poor sleep: low energy, fuzzy thinking, general exhaustion, increased anxiety, to name a few. Brain-mapping research has recently identified that deep sleep is critically important not just to the body in general, but to the function of the brain itself. According to this very interesting TEDtalk with neuroscientist Jeff Iliff, sleep plays a key role in the brain’s housekeeping functions—sleep is when the brain cleanses waste.

Amazingly the brain uses 25% of our energy while representing only 2% of the body’s mass thus generating a lot of metabolic waste. While the rest of the body relies on a vast network of vessels of the lymphatic system to remove waste, the brain is densely packed inside the skull without such a specialized drainage system to move waste byproducts.  So how does the brain remove its waste? 

It is the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) surrounding the brain where the wastes are dumping into this fluid at night  during sleep as a cleansing flush using the outsides of the blood vessels that provide its nutrients to transport the CSF. During sleep, the brain cells contract, allowing the CSF to circulate freely and cleanse the brain deeply. This cleansing flush only occurs when we are sleeping!  Without this nightly cleanse, the brain begins to accumulate wastes.  As new research is suggesting that high concentrations of particular wastes are associated with brain deterioration illnesses like Alzheimer’s, it is ever so important to care for our quality of sleep!

How may we offer ourselves a better restful night’s sleep? MELT!  When we MELT, we assist in calming the nervous system, and bringing it back into the balance necessary for good sleep.  MELT focuses on the health of the connective tissue system and linking  it to our nervous system and regulating itself!   When connective tissue isn’t in ideal condition, this intricate regulatory balancing act between stress response, stress recovery, and digestion falls apart, and we begin to experience all kinds of symptoms—poor sleep being one of many. 

As the body’s natural healing processes are most active during sleep, good sleep is vital to your body’s ability to heal.  MELT will help you  sleep more deeply, and your body and brain to function most efficiently! 

Meredith Mickelson

With the greenery and flowers of May, now is the perfect time to MELT and see your rejuvenation. Give yourself the gift of sleep and experience moving back into better health now! 

Upcoming MELTMethod schedule:

Wednesday May 25th, 10:30am
Friday May 27th, 11:30

After that, our summer schedule will be:
Tuesdays at 11:30am
Thursdays at 8:30am

All classes held at Yoga Farm!