“This course helped me to incorporate yoga practices into my life on a daily basis. The benefits included body strength, awareness, and spiritual presence which enabled me to give and receive love more authentically.” – Cindy W., participant in Come Home to Your Body, our beginner’s yoga course.

This week, we concluded our first semester of our first full length course at Yoga Farm. A deep and lasting shift took place here over the last two months, as we guided 60 students, most of them new to yoga, into a new relationship with their body, mind and spirit.

traits-for-massive-success-in-businessBy any measure, this first semester was successful for Yoga Farm. However, we measure success not by dollars or class size, but rather by hearing the words that people share about what has changed in their own lives at the conclusion of our yoga courses. The reported results after 2 months of a class that meets once a week were deeply humbling and awe-inspiring.

Yoga may seem mysterious to some, but to be honest, its very straightforward

dandelionSome people want to learn to interrupt their patterns of anger, to deepen into the calm that yoga and meditation brings.  Some may want to lose weight, some want to be able to tie their own shoes and wipe their own butt for as long as possible.  Some want to improve their golf game, some want to maintain their independence as long as possible, to preserve their dignity, some want to keep their vitality for as long as possible as the body ages.

What do you want for your life?

The results you get in your life from a practice like yoga reflect the depths of your longing. Yoga is not just for people who want to deepen into their spiritual practice. Whatever your goal for your life, your body, your relationships, your work — yoga is a universal support system.

Do you want to live your best life? Do you want to improve your relationship with yourself, co-workers, spouse? Do you want strength and flexibility and energy? Do you want to cultivate a smile that won’t quit?


yoga class gratitude retreat5Join us for one of our next courses: ‘Come Home to Your Body’ is our beginner yoga course, and ‘Joyful Vitality in Your Body’ is our intermediate yoga course. We also offer immersions and teacher trainings as part of our educational curriculum called ‘The Path of the Sacred Warrior‘.

The teachers, presenters and residents at Yoga Farm are always available to talk, contact us anytime!

We wish you the very best of health and happiness for you and your family.

Christopher and Daniela, co-founders of Yoga Farm and generators of the ‘Path of the Sacred Warrior’ curriculum 

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