it-takes-courage-to-grow-up-become-who-you-really-are-cy12346In our Easy, Light and Fun yoga class today, we discussed The Yoga of Being Your Self. The teachers at Yoga Farm are devoted to bringing a practical and accessible approach to yoga and meditation to anyone who wishes to study here, so that you can find the courage to be who you really are.

Here, we welcome people just as they are. Every single one of us has been through traumas. We have been in bike and car accidents, marriages and divorces, physical, emotional, and mental abuses, given birth, been cut or bruised or broken bones so many times we’ve lost count. Many of thethreetraumase heal well, some do not.

As a child, teenager, young adult, or older adult, we’ve all used coping mechanisms to get through the traumas major and minor and continue on with life. For most of us, remnants of those pains remain, in the body.

So we disassociate, disconnect, create a world-view or belief that attempts to shield us from future versions of that pain. Our world shrinks as we move into our head, out of our real, actual day to day bodily experience.

yoga class gratitude retreat5
Yoga Farm class, photo by Farr Carey

When these traumas or old pains or memories surface, they can feel scary, or vulnerable, and we may feel the urge to push them back down, hide them away and go back to the stories in our head, like we have so many times before.

Here at Yoga Farm, we offer gentle, kind, compassionate yoga, meditation and mindfulness that open us to the experiences we are really having. We see and feel our Truth. We unwind layers of emotional armor, and sometimes find underneath of it un-healed parts of us, as well as something very, very precious and beautiful, the diamond in the rough.

In the safe and sacred space the Yoga Farm teachers hold, we gently encourage people to let all of this rise up, to feel the feelings that we really are feeling.

john-8-vs-32Tears and fears sometimes flow like one of our gorges after a heavy rain, and behind the torrent is sweet, precious relief. We are held and we hold each other in a container of compassion, here. When we allow what really is in our bodies to come up, and feel the Truth of those feelings, and learn to be in our body, as it is right in that moment, we begin the process of freeing ourselves from the thoughts and reactions that have been with us for such a long time.

The Truth will set you free! Yoga is a process, a transformation that moves from the outside to the inside as we practice over the years. Our body is the outermost layer of our being, so that’s where we start. ‘The Truth will set you free’ isn’t just a cute saying, it is the literal process that is the regular practice of yoga, and it gradually unties the knots and breaks the chains that we ourselves have pulled around us, unknowingly.


We get on our mat, or our meditation cushion, again and again, in a safe space like we have cultivated at Yoga Farm, and our fear and loneliness melts away, one layer at a time. Stressful thoughts quiet down, anxiety dissolves, old beliefs fade out.

What’s left after all that we are not has unwound? Your real Self – the laughter and tears, courage and compassion, openness and shy smiles. Healthy relationships and a healthy body are by-products of the process of yoga.

Yoga Farm and HeartPath Institute have teamed up to create an adult educational curriculum called ‘Teaching The Yogas For Life‘. We have ongoing classes and courses that support an open heart, healthy body, free mind, and joyful spirit.

It is our honor to present the specific paths that we have walked, step by step, out of darkness, and into a life of light and freedom. The Yoga of Being Your Self is here for you, now.

Won’t you join us? Take our hand, and we will walk that first, tender step, together. Call (Christopher – 607.280.2010) or email us if you like what you read and want to talk. Like Yoga Farm on Facebook, Like HeartPath Institute on Facebook and join the conversation.

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