Today I’m writing about a topic very dear to me, a precious gift that has been given to me to share, in a humble and natural way.

IMG_2134I’ve recently found a passion for giving presentations in our community, offering tips from the science of yoga and meditation that can aid people in sustaining happiness, tapping into joy and peace, and living a mission-fueled life of fulfillment.

As we gradually quiet the mind and embrace the present moment, as it is, we find greater ease and joy in life. In today’s busy world, this isn’t very easy to do! The ancient practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness give us practical tools to bring the body and mind together, in the present.

I am here to debunk the narrow image of who yoga is for. Yoga isn’t just for young, fit people improving their fitness, its for everyone!

Yoga enables us to weather the changes that ripple through our life with Grace. Our resistance to change and transition creates stress. Yoga is a scientific way to free ourselves from what is holding us back from living up to our potential – a fulfilled life with good relationships, useful service, spontaneous joy, and a clear mind.

Heartpath_150309Yoga gave me the gift of being at peace in the moment.

I’m giving free talks in our community because I believe that some of the techniques that I’ve learned in my yoga study  have the potential to aid other people in passing through confusion and sadness and into a life of natural joy. I have been shown simple, practical techniques that anyone can do to create ease in the body and peace in the mind and heart.

The next presentation is in a week, on January 12th, at 7pm at the Lansing Library. It’s free and pre-registration is required at: 607-533-4939 call this week if you’d like to join!

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