Yoga Farm Director Christopher

As Director of Yoga Farm in Lansing, it has been my great honor to witness the growth of our Wellness Center over the last year.

We have had over 1000 people come through our doors for yoga sessions and workshops. Our website received nearly 8000 unique visitors in 2015.

This year has brought us so many firsts: hundreds of people taking their first gentle yoga class, the first time our studio was at maximum capacity (Thank you HeartPath Institute), our first weekend-long Ayurvedic workshop (Thank you Guruji Sri Soham), our first classes offering profound healing outside of the science of yoga (Thank you Meredith and the MELTMethod), and I’ve given dozens of private yoga lessons and private yoga therapy sessions.

As we prepare new classes and educational courses for body, mind and heart based on yoga and meditation, and expand our wellness offerings, community service, and inspirational talks, I’ve come to see what we are really all about here.

yogafarmlogoWe teach the yogas for life. Yoga is a big word, including lots of different types of meditative practices, many ways to create your personal and specific recipe for health and wholeness of body, mind and spirit. In our yoga lessons, meditations, satsangs, private coaching, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy here people learn to clear away what holds them back, cultivate sustained happiness, eat right, exercise with joy, explore the woods and waterfalls, share hugs and smiles and laughter. We meditate and pray and work and dance as a community here.

It is more than exercise and stretching! This is wellness for everyone, these are tools for living life well. We are teaching the yogas for life, so that when you leave this Center, you are centered. A good relationship with friends and loved ones starts with a good relationship with your Self. We are a Center that embraces truth and facilitates trust. We are a Center for healing of Body, Mind and Spirit. Today we unveil our new tag line.

Yoga Farm: Teaching The Yogas For Life

thank you 6I am deeply grateful to the teachers, advisors and residents here, and mostly to all the many students who participate. You inspire me to give more, to learn more, and to find new ways to teach yoga so that it supports your life.

p.s. And about those 3 keys for sustained happiness and stress-free living I mentioned in the title? I offer inspirational talks to groups or as a keynote that delivers this and much more. Get in touch and I’ll give you details 🙂