Our Wednesday evening restorative yoga classes have been led by our teacher Neko since early September when Yoga Farm started our newly expanded schedule.

slow flowShe has been out of town for the last 2 weeks, so I (Christopher) have been subbing for her. I usually teach more active yoga with lots of movement and poses, so this has been a shift for me. Tonight we had 5 people in our restorative yoga class, and something deepened.

I felt deeply connected to Source and each of them, and ready to guide a deep rest. Restorative yoga isn’t like other, more active forms of yoga, in that the poses are generally lying down, supported by blankets and bolsters and pillows, and each pose lasts for 15-20 minutes.

So in a 75 minute class we did 5 poses! The room became very quiet, precious and sweet. Lovely music played softly in the background, and I assisted each person with small adjustments, loving touch and blankets to keep them warm.

At the end, after final relaxation pose, I saw shyly happy faces, rested and renewed and restored, ready for the next step in their life.

My humble gratitude for this opportunity to serve the people who come to Yoga Farm, presenting a path to peace and freedom, in the best and kindest way I know how.