Yoga Farm’s wellness center, viewed from the gorge the runs next to it

A week ago, the ‘Grand Opening’ of our wellness center occurred, with over 150 neighbors, friends, yogis and the curious stopped out to witness the unveiling of the Yoga Farm’s transformation this spring.

This occasion, for me, was momentous.  ( – adjective – 1. of great or far-reaching importance or consequence)

While I appreciate all of the appreciation, the smiles, delightful food, and inspirational music, it was momentous for me because I saw all of these friends on the threshold of their Grand Opening.

When we are in union with the Supreme Being (God / Divine / Light), or the ultimate principle (limitless joy without beginning, ending, or cause), all of life happens as an endless flow of aligned moments, able to be seen in a larger context.

This may seem abstract, unobtainable even; however millions of people have found that yoga offers a path from confusion to clarity, from restlessness to peace, from darkness to light, from fear of death to remembrance of immortality, from the unreal to the real. (The Matrix Soundtrack – Om Asatoma Sadgamaya)

nature-yoga-quotes-2All of life happens in the now, in the present, and yoga can be your faithful companion, a guide, a signpost, to your real, vulnerable, vibrant, unique, delicious life.

Many of the people I saw at our Grand Opening are in their Grand Opening, the beginning of life awake, conscious, born-again into the eternal now and full of potential.

At Yoga Farm, we have created a welcoming environment for those new to the path, ready to step into the embodiment of who-you-really-are. Won’t you take your first step with us?

Thanks to local photographer Dave Dietz, you can see this, in these many pairs of eyes.

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