At Yoga Farm, the vision for our center includes programs and classes empowering people of all ages and body types to live with peace of mind, ease in body, and joy in Spirit.  We all know that we have a country-wide problem with our growing waist-lines.

A individual who is plus-sized faces unique challenges in our culture:

  • They are living in a body they don’t recognize and may not like all that much
  • They face reminders of physical challenges with every step, with every breath
  • Overeating is a form of addiction, but it is unique in that we all need to eat, so quitting isn’t really an option
  • Someone who is overweight cannot hide this, and they cannot ‘drop’ their weight quickly
  • The challenge seems insurmountable after years of too much of the wrong food and not enough physical activity
  • There is no shortcut to the time and effort to return the body to natural balance and harmony

My passion as a yoga teacher is in supporting people on their path to wholeness, and our classes at Yoga Farm are intentionally designed to maximize accessibility for all of our brothers and sisters, no matter their age, level of fitness, or weight. I’ve taught over 200 yoga classes since opening Yoga Farm in November, and am seeing great results: big smiles, renewed enthusiasm and vigor from many students.

A-journey-of-a-thousand-miles-begins-with-a-singl-stepAt Yoga Farm, I have created a safe environment for all to be just as they are.  Overweight and out-of-shape individuals are starting their return to wholeness here. We offer gentle yoga classes and complementary wellness practices that cultivate flexibility, strength and balance, clear the mind of stressful thinking, and develop connection to others and our natural world.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

If you are overweight or out of shape, and are sick and tired of being in a body you don’t recognize and don’t like, ask yourself: Do you have the courage to take one single step to return to wellness?  If your answer is ‘yes’, all that is asked of you is to take that one step forward on this journey of a thousand miles. Come, take my hand, let’s walk together.

wed-morning-hikeAlong with the launch of our new yoga and wellness center, in June, we have created new, game-changing programs for the overweight: 1-day summer camps, 4-week and 12-week wellness programs for the overweight and out-of-shape.

Our yoga classes open the body and build energy; daily walks in our fields and forests or at home build stamina, confidence and an easy smile.  Our wellness coaching gets to the root of the overeating addictions in the mind.  The Yoga Farm program can beautifully complement a 12-step OA program providing a tested and familiar framework to accompany your journey.

Take a look, register for one of our programs today, or call me at 607.280.2010 and I will hold your hand each courageous step of the way back to wellness in body, mind and spirit.