yogafarmlogowithvisionFor as long as I can remember, I’ve longed to be part of a community of people living and learning together.

When I moved onto this farm in 2002, I believed that this land was given to us to steward for the good of all.  However the time wasn’t right and I wasn’t ready to live into the vision I was given by my Creator.

3D model of the under-construction yoga barn
3D model of the under-construction yoga barn

Now, I am living my vision: helping people of all Faiths on their path to peace of mind, ease of body and joy of Spirit, by offering group classes and private yoga therapy sessions.  My training and passion is in the scientific path of yoga.  Yoga is a broad word, inclusive of many practices and techniques that assist people in recovering their nature: joy, peace, freedom, kindness, passion and vibrant health.

This past weekend, a group of friends showed up to help me with final preparations for the new space for yoga, in a barn that was born before your Grandfather took his first breath.  Today, four eager contractors started laying floor and setting walls, so the big bold space can be insulated, have a bathroom, kitchen, loft for rest and conversation, and amazing windows overlooking a gorge and waterfall.

Yoga jam space under construction
Yoga practice space under construction

I feel deeply honored to be the steward carrying this dream into reality.  One step at a time: I ready my heart, my body, my spirit and support your heart, your body, and your spirit. I am Gleefully tracking the unfolding merging of all of us into wholeness, family and love: One community, one Spirit, breathing together, growing together, learning together, and healing together.

I’m giving this dream of a yoga and meditation center in a stunning natural setting my all: all my heart, all my mind, all my body, and all my savings are being utilized.

Today, I offer YOU an opportunity to contribute financially to this project, $ that will be put to the highest good.  As this space is for community, it will also come to life by community.   The space is too big for just my yoga practice, and the budget, while being kept reasonable, is also too big for what I’ve saved up.

Won’t you give from your heart today?  This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, along with me.  Give me a call, text, or email to let me know you are in, so I can confidently push ahead with the electric, insulation, bathroom, and windows. Love and Blessings to you on this auspicious spring day.


Or, jump in now with a donation

p.s. If you strongly resonate with this vision, I am carefully recruiting a Board of Directors and Yoga Teachers of many branches of yoga to fill out the Yoga Farm schedule for summer and fall.  Volunteer opportunities also exist in many areas of farm and center operations if that is the way you’d like to give back to your brothers and sisters.