If you are new to yoga and are thinking of giving it a try, then allow me to give you a brief introduction to the benefits of yoga.  According to a recent study by Yoga Journal – more than 20 million Americans practice yoga.  Wow!  You are in good company.

Almost half of that number identified themselves as beginners, and the top reasons cited for practicing yoga were: flexibility, general conditioning, stress relief, improve health, and physical fitness.

If you talk to seasoned practitioners, the list of attributed benefits  gets much longer.  Here are some evidence-based claims to what yoga can do for you:

Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice
Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice
  • Yoga teaches the frantic mind to settle and find peace
  • Yoga helps the body to heal itself by building physical confidence and emotional well-being
  • Yoga removes scattered energy and replaces depleted energy
  • Yoga keeps the body including its internal systems toned and in good working order
  • Yoga helps to slow down, center, and get the most out of each day
  • Yoga stretches and strengthens muscles, opens joints, and loosens connective tissue
  • Yoga helps us learn to tune out the distractions of life
  • Yoga teaches us to listen to how we feel – physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Yoga develops concentration
  • Yoga helps us experience self-fulfillment and joy
  • Yoga is a great stress-buster
  • Yoga increases disease resistance
  • Yoga meditation calms the racing thoughts and helps us master our own mind
  • Yoga teaches us how to react to our circumstances with precision and thoughtfulness
  • Yoga promotes whole body fitness
  • Yoga works all muscles in the body – not just a few isolated groups
  • Yoga generates internal healing power
  • Yoga aids circulation, digestion, respiration and reproduction
  • Yoga tones our organs, improves posture, frees breathing and detoxifies the body

OK whew I’ll stop before I starting making outrageous claims.  This is a subjective list, from personal experience, research, and publications.  Your results may vary.

At The Yoga Farm – we specialize in introducing people to yoga.  We LOVE introducing people to yoga.  We take a gentle, easy, measured approach and help people grasp the basics of yoga in styles and pace that match their body types, age and fitness before moving on to more challenging physical yoga or more disciplined meditation yoga.

If you are getting on in years, have back, neck or hip pain, are carrying a few extra pounds, haven’t exercised in quite some time, or just like to take the easy road to wellness, take a peek at our Easy, Light and Fun Yoga.

If you are fit, full of energy, and looking for a workout, try our Energizing Flow Yoga.

For those people with special needs, chronic physical issues, or who don’t wish to be in a (small) group class, you can sign up for our Private Yoga Therapy Sessions for one-on-one time.

Why not give it a try?  You might just like it here.