Published in Ithaca Journal, Article by CAROLYN MONTAGUE, Correspondent, November 19, 2014

Christopher Teaching Shakti Naam Yoga Therapy
Christopher Teaching Shakti Naam Yoga Therapy

Christopher Grant has opened a Yoga Studio on Conlon Road in Lansing, offering yoga and wellness classes on his farm.
Local businessman and farm owner Christopher Grant sent a note that he has rebooted Indian Chimney Farm/The Alpaca Farm in Lansing this year into a destination for yoga and wellness classes for everyone.

It will now be known as the new Yoga Farm, on Conlon Road in Lansing. This new yoga and wellness center aims to bring yoga for everyone from Lansing, Groton, Freeville, Ithaca and other surrounding regions.

In keeping with this mission, certified yoga instructor Grant has designed easy and fun yoga classes that are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. After 20 years of practice and study of the science of yoga and meditation, he realized that most people with physical limitations also could benefit from body-mind practices.

As founder and former CEO of GORGES, Inc, he said this about his new Yoga Farm.
“I’m inspired to bring the benefits of yoga classes, and have designed classes and a schedule that can accommodate everyone,” he said.  He created yoga classes for older adults, and for the young and fit.

Classes are $10 each with a class pass and he has installed convenient online ordering for classes and gift cards at the Yoga Farm website — The yoga studio is set on a small farm two miles from the Lansing Town Hall and nine miles from downtown Ithaca.